Samsung Galaxy S3 at the Top of the Sales Chart for Ninth Consecutive Month


Samsung is in the spotlight a lot lately. They just announced two new budget devices, the Galaxy Young and Galaxy Fame. They also announced to the public their intentions to beef up the R&D department with a lovely $1.1 billion in funding. In addition, they're obviously planning world domination right along with their regular rule over the mobile industry (that's a joke folks, which means don't take it seriously).

According to sales statistics that were just released by uSwitch, the top three phones in the UK for the month of January were all of the Galaxy variety. I'm curious if there is anyone out there that is still genuinely surprised by this news?


Samsung at the top? No way! You don't say!?

I have a feeling Samsung probably has this to say. "Another month, another dolla, hollaaaa."

Okay, that was probably uncalled for but I wanted to do that for a while. I apologize. It's out of my system now so it won't happen again.


uSwitch was gracious enough to organize the sales data into a chart, which serves as a respectable list.

Right at the top of the list is the Samsung Galaxy S3, taking first place for the ninth consecutive month. Perhaps the only thing that's going to take that spot away is the Galaxy S4? It's actually starting to look that way. Holding the top spot for nine months in a row is a pretty, well… impressive feat.

In second place is the Galaxy Ace, which was in third place last month. It flip-flopped with the Galaxy S2 which is now in third place. Both of those models are veterans in the Android market and have been available for some time now. To see them so high up on this list, is remarkable, to say the least.


Spots four and five were taken by Nokia's 100 and C201, both of which are Symbian phones.

Sadly, the Google Nexus 4 (LG) dropped to sixth place, most likely thanks to the end of the holiday season. Last month, consumer awareness and sales, were much higher because the phone was relatively new. It would seem that interest is steadily decreasing already.

Apple's iPhone 5 is in seventh place while the iPhone 4S is in tenth place on the chart. I must say it's refreshing to see the iPhone finally dropping off. I harbor no hatred for the platform, but I do believe that it's highly overrated. No doubt, that statement alone will earn me some juicy troll comments below.


The Blackberry Z10 is absent from the list, but considering the phone only just went on sale in the UK a week ago, it will probably be a while before we see it anywhere. The Z10 won't even be available in the US until March, which is still over a month away.

Anyone want to make an early prediction on just how long Samsung can keep the top spots? Are there any predictions on how long the Galaxy S3 can stay at the top?

Source: Mobile News (CWP)

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