Samsung Begins Roll out of Jelly Bean Update Internationally, Nature UX in Tow


One of the bigger parts of covering Android news is of course, device updates, and when we see companies like Samsung continuing to support older phones like this, it makes us feel like manufacturers aren't all that bad, after all. Samsung have been doing a really good job of updating both their current and past devices. It's a wonder that nobody else hasn't followed suit by now, especially when you see the positive reaction that Samsung is getting form it all. Nobody likes to see their device get thrown to the sidewalk when something new comes out. Which is exactly how every Thunderbolt user feels like.

Samsung have now started to roll out the Jelly Bean (4.1.2) update for the venerable Galaxy S II on a much larger scale. Previously, it was only available in a number of European countries and parts of Asia, it appears to have gone worldwide now. This Jelly Bean update is perhaps a little more special from others, not only because the Galaxy S II is approaching its 2 year birthday but, because Samsung has thrown something extra in. The update to 4.1.2 not only features all the things that made Jelly Bean great in the first place but, Samsung are also including the Nature UX, as featured on the Galaxy S III and Note II as well. Here's a rundown of the features in the update:

  • Buttery Smooth Performance & Great Stability (Thanks to Project Butter)
  • Full User Interface Revamp (Same UI as of the Galaxy S III and Galaxy Note II)
  • TouchWiz Nature UX
  • Samsung's S Cloud services
  • Improved Camera features
  • New Lockscreen With Many Customization Options
  • New Features like Direct Call, Smart Stay and Pop-up Play
  • New Widgets (From Galaxy S III)
  • 2 Home screen modes
  • New Notification bar With More Notification Toggles
  • Google Now

Just where and when the update is rolling out is a little sketchy right now, the update should however, be ready and waiting for you in Kies – or hell, however you prefer to address Samsung's desktop software – and should be rolling out over-the-air soon. Now, I know that this might not mean a lot to you in the States but, if Samsung have the update ready to roll out on a larger scale, then perhaps the carriers won't take too long approving it.


Hopefully the U.S. will get the update soon, let us know in the comments if your Galaxy S II is still going strong!

[Source: SamMobile]