Rumor: Samsung's Galaxy S IV To Be Unveiled March 15th and Hit Store Shelves Early April

What with Samsung being King of The Hill when it comes to Android, it's no surprise that rumors surrounding the release of their upcoming flagship, the Galaxy S IV, are going to be everywhere. During the coming weeks, Android news is going be full of rumors and leaks, speculating more and more about Samsung's latest and greatest. Often times it's difficult to get excited about another rumor but, let's be honest, it's pretty exciting when you think of what's coming. 2013 is set to be the year of not only larger phone sizes but, also of displays packing in the same amount of pixels as many people's TV sets. We all know that the Galaxy S IV is coming but, just when it's coming is a whole other story.

Sammobile have uncovered some more information that hints at March 15th being the date the Galaxy S IV is shown off to the world. This isn't the first time we've heard of the Galaxy S IV being unveiled earlier in the year when compared to the Galaxy S III last year and you can bet your bottom dollar that this won't be the last time, either. Unveiling a device and releasing it are very two different things however, and while we've heard that it will be available towards the middle of April, there is now word that it'll be available towards the start of April. Of course, that's just for one region, Europe seems to enjoy an earlier release of the Galaxy S line thanks to the carriers being a little more relaxed, the release for the States is still pegged around May/June. Accessories for the device are also rumored for a release in week 15 of this year, which starts April 8th so, it would all line up.

Why would Samsung want to announce the Galaxy S IV a little earlier this time around? Well, we're not sure really but, the South Korean giant certainly look like they're more than happy to play with the big guys more than they have done in the past. By holding their own press release and bringing it forward they could do well to stave off some of the attention from MWC and let's not forget that the Xperia Z with it's stunning design and 1080p display will be hitting shelves at the beginning of March.

[Source: SamMobile]

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