Report: LG Moving Optimus G Pro to a Late February Release

February 8, 2013 - Written By Alexander Maxham

Last month, Japanese carrier NTT DoCoMo unveiled the LG Optimus G Pro along with a slew of other devices. The Japanese version will only sport a 5-inch display, but the International version is reported to be sporting a 5.5-inch display like the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. It will also still come with a full HD display. Some early reports stated that the Optimus G Pro would be heading to South Korea in March for release. Which would be a few weeks after the announcement at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. But now it looks like there has been a change in plans. LG is reportedly going to release the device in late February. So could we see a Mobile World Congress launch?

So why are all these manufacturers looking to release their devices in February? Well, because there’s a storm coming. The name of that storm….the Galaxy S4 by Samsung. Even though we don’t know official specs for the Galaxy S4 or even what it’ll look like, we do know it’s going to sell like hot cakes. The Galaxy brand is already starting to outsell Android in of itself. Look at the Galaxy S2 which is over a year old, closer to 2 years old now, and is still selling well. Then the Galaxy S3, which is about 9 months old and still is the top-selling phone. The Galaxy S4 is rumored to be a full HD device as well, so it’ll be tough for LG when the Galaxy S4 does get announced and released.

Currently, word is that the Galaxy S4 will be announced on March 15th at Samsung’s own Unpacked event. Which is typical Samsung. But that doesn’t give other manufacturers like LG, HTC and Motorola much time to get their flagship device out and sell a few before they are overshadowed by Samsung.

Is anyone interested in the LG Optimus G Pro? It could be a pretty good device from LG. Hopefully they’ll be able to have a better time keeping it stocked, unlike the Nexus 4. We also hope they can put this thing on every carrier. Then they’ll do well. What are your thoughts on the Optimus G Pro?

Source: Kbench