Over 300 Titles Confirmed for OUYA; Including Final Fantasy III, Hawken, and The Cave and Reds


By now, we've all heard plenty about OUYA right? It's that new gaming console that's running Android. Well developers have had their consoles for quite some time now, and we are starting to see a bunch of games named for the platform. In fact, there are over 300 (no we didn't count them all) posted on OUYA's forums. We've already seen a bunch of games come out of OUYA's CREATE competition and other events they've held to kind of kickstart the development on their platform. We aren't going to list all the games here, because that would make this post entirely to long. But here are a few of the confirmed titles:

  • 100 Rogues
  • 2Balls
  • ARMED!
  • AURO
  • Aura Tactics
  • A Walk in the Rain
  • Beast Boxing Turbo
  • Big and Small
  • Bowling Pro
  • Catch-22 Game
  • Cibug
  • cmyk
  • DNA
  • Dungeon Panic
  • Dwarf
  • Executive Star
  • Final Fantasy III
  • Friction 2200
  • Hawken
  • Got a block 4 you
  • Gravi

Those are just some from the first few posts. There are 7 posts full of gaming titles, I'm guess close to 100 in each one. You can go ahead and count them all if you want. But this is very exciting news. Especially if you're one of those that was thinking of grabbing an OUYA console when they become available. If you pre-ordered already you should be getting yours in Late-March or Early-April. Some of the games listed on their forums look really interesting and games I'd like to check out. So I might have to go and grab an OUYA console. There are a lot of dungeons games though, and quite a few sport-oriented games, like the Bowling Pro we listed above. But you can check out the source link below for the complete list.


Are there any games listed you're looking forward to or that interest you? Feel free to let us know in the comments below.

Source: OUYA Forum