OUYA and NVIDIA Reveal Budding Relationship, Will Lead to the 'Best Tegra 3 Device on the Market'


We all know that the OUYA team has a lot of love for NVIDIA. After all, their first console is powered by NVIDIA's Tegra 3 processor. What we didn't know is that both companies have a positive relationship, and it seems like it's going to last for some time. This news is indubitably good, especially considering OUYA recently announced plans to launch an updated console every year.

In a recent interview with Engadget, OUYA CEO Julie Uhrman revealed that her company is working real closely with NVIDIA to deliver the best experience possible to consumers. NVIDIA is directly working with the OUYA team to optimize the Tegra 3 processor  to tailor it specifically for console gaming. Since the OUYA has no battery limitations, the Tegra 3 chipset can be pushed to greater lengths than normal.


Uhrman spoke up on the partnership, describing just how invaluable NVIDIA has been to the team.

"The partner that we've worked the most with, that is incredibly supportive of developers, NVIDIA, they have multiple people on their team dedicated to our account."

Her answer was in direct response to a question inquiring about partnerships OUYA arranged with various companies in order to create the console. Uhrman seems to think that NVIDIA is devoting as many resources as possible, in order to ensure the OUYA console is the "best Tegra 3 device on the market."


Surprisingly, Uhrman also spoke up about Google. Despite the fact that the OUYA console is running Google's Android OS, she says that her team has not "worked very much with Google." This news is a little disconcerting, especially since the OUYA's success bodes well for the Android market. The OUYA is essentially going to pave the way for future Android consoles, and let's face it, there will probably be more in the future.

As it would turn out, Uhrman isn't the only one singing praise about the partnership. The Senior VP of Content and Technology at NVIDIA, Tony Tamashi, also spoke up about the relationship.

"We have a dedicated team working with OUYA to ensure that Tegra 3's performance is being maximized. They've been amazing to work with."


"The rich catalog of optimized and differentiated TegraZone games — along with the work being done with developers — ensures a flourishing ecosystem is in place and continues to grow."

Clearly, this is beneficial to everyone, including consumers. Since OUYA is going to follow the mobile model and launch a new console annually, this relationship is probably going to last for quite some time.

The NVIDIA Tegra 4 was announced about a month ago at CES, and it's certainly going to be included in the next iteration of the OUYA console. Perhaps NVIDIA may even spend some time developing a chipset specifically for OUYA if it its first console meets enough success?


If recent trends in the press are any indication, then the OUYA should have no problem shattering records once it's actually available. It seems like everyone is excited for the console, if not only because of the incredible potential it brings to the table.

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