NVIDIA Announces 5 Upcoming Games for Tegra 4


During Mobile World Congress, we've heard a lot about NVIDIA's newest mobile processor the Tegra 4. We've seen some benchmarks, some hands-on of some Tegra 4 reference devices, now we are about to check out some new game titles for Tegra 4. Like usual, NVIDIA has gotten games that will fit just about every gamer out there. Take a look at the games below, and there's a video at the bottom of the post. We've got games from Tick Tock Games, Neowiz, Devclan and Playbean, N3V Games, and Nutgee.

Burn Zombie Burn

burn zombie burn


Burn Zombie Burn is developed by Tick Tock Games, and it's blasting onto the mobile scene for the first time with this fast-paced, console quality action game. With a slew of weapons at your disposal for your zombie-blasting pleasure you'll master the art of eradicating the undead.

Carie: Blood Mansion


This one is developed by Neowiz and is targeted at Tegra device users. You'll get an exclusive map in Carie: Blood Mansion, with even more immersive graphics on your Tegra 4 device. You'll be guiding Carie through bloody battles in this action adventure title.



CODEX: The Warrior


Developed by Devclan and Playbean, this Tegra 4 title brings to life the 3D action RPG CODEX: The Warrior. In this game you'll be battling monstrous enemies in search of an ancient document after a war in heaven.


Dead on Arrival 2


This is developed by N3V Games, Dead on Arrival 2 has custom built blasters which are being put to the test for the first time. The game features high-resolution models and PhysX for full-bore map destruction and even bigger explosions.

RU Golf



Developed by Nutgee, this game was available for Tegra 3 devices and will follow with the Tegra 4. You can experience a mano-a-mano multiplayer online battle with dynamic specular lighting, soft shadows and bloom and lens flare effects.

Some pretty good looking games to start out the Tegra 4 portion of the TegraZone. Now we just need some devices with the Tegra 4 processor. We're hoping the new Nexus 7 will feature the Tegra 4 processor but we'll have to wait until Google I/O in May to find out. Which one of these games are you most excited about? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Android Spin