New in Android 4.2.2: Estimated Time Left & Percentage Complete For Downloads

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After we all upgraded to Android 4.2.2, well those that got the OTA, or manually flashed it. We’ve been looking for new features in this brand new version of Android, just like any geek right? Well there is another new feature. This one I first noticed earlier today, and posted it on Google+, but wasn’t sure if it was just an update to the Play Store or if it was in Android 4.2.2. But now when you’re downloading files (not just from the Play Store) you will now see a estimated time left, along with percent complete under the progress bar. As shown in the image above.

What else tipped us off, is that the Play Store is still on version 3.10.10, and has not changed. So it’s definitely a new feature in Android 4.2.2. But that’s not all, we’ve seen plenty of other changes in 4.2.2 already. Also Android 4.2.2 has finished pushing to AOSP, so you should start seeing it merged into your favorite ROMs really soon. We do know that the Bluetooth streaming issue in Android 4.2.1 is now fixed and so is the Wi-Fi issue we’ve been seeing talked about at great length lately. Just a little while ago, we brought you information about the new USB debugging whitelist feature in Android 4.2.2. So it’s not all about bug fixes this time around, we also got some nice security features, along with this estimate time left, which is really nice. Especially when you’re downloading larger files.

This is definitely a feature we didn’t expect to see in Android 4.2.2, but we aren’t going to complain about it. Or are we? I was hoping we’d see something like this with estimated time left very soon in Android, and now it’s here. Anyone else liking this new feature?

Have you noticed anything else in Android 4.2.2 yet, that we haven’t talked about yet? Have you gotten your update yet? Let us know in the comments below.