New Android App: Burpple Is Finally Here on Android; Foodies Rejoice


If you haven't heard of Burrple before then you're more than likely all Android, all the time. The app has been available on the iOS side of things for some time now, and it's just now hitting Android, albeit with a "beta" tag in tow. Raise your hand if you know of someone in your Twitter or Instagram circles that likes to share photos of what they had for breakfast, or what they've been busy cooking in the kitchen. That's a lot of hands I can see out there and it's great that people share such things, after all we love discovering something new, and what better way to do that than through social media. Burrple aims to create a place for foodies to share their food and drink creations amongst other like-minded people, it's like a mash-up of Instagram and Pinterest…for food and stuff.

Here at Android Headlines, I obviously love to cover Android news and apps but, I'm a big coffee drinker so, to see coffee featured heavily in Burrple is pretty awesome for me. It's easy to find coffee and sections of stuff you're interested, once you've gone through a quick and painless set-up process.


2013-02-05 12.12.21

It's pretty easy to find a decent snap of something you either enjoy looking it and, if you're just really hungry you can get some ideas on what to make. Food is art and for a lot of people it's their main outlet of creativity, it's great to see another app like this on Android. After using it for a few minutes I can see that the overall performance is a little wonky but, Android fans will be happy to note that this is built for Android and is no way a port of the iOS app. Right now I'm pretty jealous of the awesome coffees on Burrple right now and so far this seems to be my favorite:2013-02-05 12.12.49

You can like, comment and "reburp" something you like on the service and there's already a lot of people on the service as it is. I think this is a great idea and while I don't find as much time to cook as I'd like to, when I do create something to be proud of I take a quick snap of it. With Burrple I might have a more focused outlet to do so. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm off to drool over some fancy lattes…



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