MWC 2013: Will The Visually Stunning Dead Trigger 2 Be F2P & Without IAP?


Madfinger Games is no stranger to making some of the most visually impressive games current available for mobile devices with titles such as Dead Trigger and Shadowgun redefining what is possible. Their latest creation Dead Trigger 2, the sequel to the popular FPS Dead Trigger is setting a new benchmark when it comes to graphical fidelity in mobile games and has become the poster boy of Nvidia's Tegra 4 platform.

dead trigger 2 zombie attack


Despite this level of graphical fidelity that is easily comparable to other premium titles such as Need For Speed, Grand Theft Auto etc. Dead Trigger 2 will be released as a free-to-play game on release, unlike its predecessor which only adopted the free to play model after release much to the irritation of early adopters. Despite this business model, Dead Trigger 2 will feature twice as much content as the previous game, which means more gameplay, more missions, more cities, more guns and more zombies. All this without having to pay a single cent, unlike other games of a similar nature that would be expecting you to pay over $5 for the title.

dead trigger 2 m4

The most interesting announcement that Madfinger's marketing manager Anna Porizkova said was "We're currently testing the game without in-app purchases, but we expect it to launch as a free-to-play title." The lack of in-app purchases (IAP) is a departure from the original, where the gameplay can become a bit of grind, encouraging players to spend more money to make progression easier. If the game is in fact undergoing testing without IAP, the developers are trying to make the game more skill based, allowing players to progress without having to pay extra if they don't want to, which as a gamer I personally approve of, nothing annoys me more than games that allow people to buy power and use a pay to win business model. However in all likelihood, Dead Trigger 2 will have IAP, but be added on as more of an option for people who might not have the time (or skill) to finish the game without it.


Dead Trigger 2 turret

Besides Dead Trigger 2, Madfinger is also working on a number of other games, including two yet to be announced titles for 2013, as well as porting Shadowgun: Deadzone and Dead Triggers 1 and 2 for the budding Ouya platform.

Dead Trigger 2 is expected to be released in Q2 this year and will support not only the Tegra 4 platform, but also the previous Tegra 3 chipset as well as chipsets from other manufacturers like Qualcomm. Expect more information on this title and other Madfinger titles at E3.



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