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MoviePass Android App Now Available, the Service Not so Much

February 6, 2013 - Written By Briley Kenney

For film enthusiasts, the MoviePass service is a no brainer. It’s like Netflix, on steroids, unless of course,  you prefer to sit at home, locked away from the outside world cowering in a dark corner. If that’s the case, then Netflix would probably be a better option for you.

With MoviePass, you pay a monthly sub fee, and you are free to visit the theater as often as you’d like. There are quite a few stipulations for using the service though, and families will need to purchase a subscription for every member of the household (if you all go to the movies together, of course).

MoviePass App Login

After subscribing to the service, you are sent a unique debit card in the mail. The card is used to purchase tickets. More specifically, it works like this: you choose the movie title you’d like to see, along with the theater location, and time of the movie, on a mobile app. Then, once you get to the movie theater you check in using the app, and it confirms you’re at the right place. After confirming your location, MoviePass will then credit the cost of a single ticket to the card, which you can use at the ticket booth like any other form of payment.

You can only see a movie once per day, and currently 3D movies are not included in the deal, but standard movies and IMAX movies are. MoviePass plans on offering a more expensive subscription level at a later time, which will include 3D movies.

Until now, the service has only been available for iPhone users. Luckily, MoviePass just released an Android app.

MoviePass Mobile App Listings

The app purportedly works like any other movie companion app, as you can look up showtimes, watch trailers and read up on some of the films that are currently showing. You can also manage your MoviePass perks, check out your movie viewing history and connect with other MoviePass users through a small social media community.

Better yet, there’s a nifty search filter that allows you to check out listings at select locations. So, for example, if you only need to view movies playing at your local theater, you can do just that.

MoviePass App Menu

As a side observation, you’ll notice the style and color scheme look remarkably like Netflix’s mobile app. Considering they both use the same white and red color tones, that’s not too much of a surprise though.

The app serves as a decent little companion if you have an active subscription to the service. There aren’t many reviews for the app available online, but it’s worth noting that there are a few negative ones. Concerns have been expressed that the app is merely a clone of the actual MoviePass website and has some issues. It’s a brand new app, so these problems will probably be fleshed out in later updates.

Unfortunately, the service is still in beta, and you need a special invite to join. There’s no word on when the service will open to the public, but at least when it does become available, there will be a working app to go along with the subscription. If you do commit to a year subscription though, it’s just $30 a month to watch all the movies you want. Keep in mind, that this price may be subject to change.

Obviously, the MoviePass service only appeals to folks who are constantly visiting the movie theater. When paying for something like this, it stands to reason that you’ll need to get your money’s worth. In addition, the service also has an annual commitment after the first one-month trial period. If you decide to cancel your subscription at a later date, a $20-$75 fee applies.