Motorola Solutions Introduces a new Gadget for Federal Agencies

February 12, 2013 - Written By Nathan Harbin

Motorola Solutions is bringing a new device to the table and this one is marked to provide secure voice and data connections for federal agencies. Dubbed the AME 2000, this COTS, or commercial-off-the-shelf, Android device has both hardware and software that have been updated to provide state-of-the art encryption on both public and private wireless bands.

The device itself uses a VPN, or Virtual Private Network, to maintain secure data transmission between the AME 2000 and its data network. The AME 2000 will support Wi-Fi, 3G, and 4G LTE over an end-to-end AES 256/NSA Suite encrypted transmission between itself and AME-equipped devices. SEAndroid (Security Enhanced Android) will provide the security policy controls, or the backbone of the security system, that will keep data in a secure pipeline. This in-turn will safeguard the device from hackers and viruses and ensure that processes remain secure from being bypassed or high jacked by malicious applications.

“It is critical that commercial devices used by the Federal Government are augmented with solutions to ensure security and confidentiality. The AME 2000 addresses the different vulnerabilities of commercial technology by enabling users to communicate and access sensitive data securely from wherever their duties take them.” Brenda Harold- Corporate VP of Global ASTRO Products and Solutions in Motorola Solutions, INC.

“Secure mobility is among the U.S. Government’s top technology priorities. The AME 2000 features a familiar Android-based OS experiences with layered security, device management and applications that comply with federal guidelines. It’s an affordable mobile solution for civilian and defense agencies to better execute their missions that serve and protect our nation.” Paul Mueller- VP of the U.S. Federal Government Markets Division in Motorola Solutions INC.

AME 2000 enhances situational awareness through the use of real-time data applications like GIS mapping, video, and remote medical monitoring. The device will also support OTA installation and updates of applications as well as the ability to erase encryption keys remotely to ensure the integrity of the device and the missions of government executives, intelligence agents or military personnel should the device fall out of the possession of the intended agency.

Motorola Solutions feels that Android is the best fit for applications such as this as the operating system is now deployed on hundreds of millions of mobile devices in more than 190 countries around the world, making Android the largest installed base of any mobile operating system. What do you think about Android being used in this way, and do you feel that it would be in the federal government’s best interest to adopt the AME 2000? Let us know in the comments.

Read the AME 2000 Solutions Brief here.

SourceMotorola Solutions