LG Unveils 'World's Smallest' Wireless Charger; Worldwide Release Coming Soon


Wireless Charging, it's perhaps the most convenient way to charge your device, without the hassle of having to find that microUSB cable and then it accompanying port and so on. It's a very neat technology and while we'd all love to get our hands on it, it's not been available as widely as we'd like. Some manufacturers are starting to wake up to the technology and the fact it offers a much nicer, cleaner way for us to keep our devices juiced, Nokia for instance launched a new Lumia range last year with wireless charging. The Nexus 4 was announced with support for wireless charging and Samsung promised it for the Galaxy S III but, that's been a bumpy ride for the manufacturer, to say the least.

LG however, might have just announced what could be the best solution for wireless charging. First off, it supports the Qi standard instead of going some other route. Standards are fairly important in this game, they're what promise widespread adoption and are better for the consumer overall. So, this means that this latest wireless charger from the South Korean manufacturer is compatible with a lot of smartphones already out there and anything that's compatible with Qi should work with this new solution. The Nexus 4 and the Spectrum 2 for instance are both compatible with this new solution.



It's also the "World's Smallest" wireless charger, or at least LG claim. It is rather compact though, and shouldn't take up too much space on a desk or a nightstand at all. It also looks pretty nice as well, it's certainly a better solution than fishing around for that microUSB cable all the time. The fact that this supports the Nexus 4 should be exciting news for owners because LG are promising a gradual global release for the product and hopefully it'll be available in not only more countries but, in better supply than the official charger from Google. There's no word on pricing just yet but, seeing as this is straight from LG it'll probably work out at the same price, or more, than the already pricey Nexus 4 charging orb.

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