Leaked Cases for Samsung's Galaxy S IV Surface; Rectangular Design Suggested


Whenever there's an upcoming smartphone releases as anticipated as a new Galaxy S or iPhone device, you can be pretty sure that there is a whole industry behind it, waiting to see what the phone is going to look like, and just what the device's measurements end up being. Device cases are big business, especially when you're talking about China, they export more cases then anywhere else in the world and to get the first cases out of the gate for any popular device is going to be pretty critical for sellers.


It's not often you see a retail outlet break news like this but, our friends over at Mobilefun have what look like cases for Samsung's upcoming Galaxy S IV. This sort of thing always happens and we're surprised that we haven't heard more about cases when covering Android news as of late. Nevertheless, the online seller has a number of cases that they're suppliers in China has sent them and they seem to suggest a more rectangular design compared to last year's Galaxy S III. In fact, from the look of these cases, the Galaxy S IV might look more like the S II than anything else. We're unsure if Samsung were to go this route, after all the S III must have been popular for more than just the specs, as pretty much every phone in 2012 had similar specs. I don't think that Samsung would want to take a step back when it comes to smartphone design. After all, they made quite a big deal about the "Natural" design of last year's flagship and that it was "designed for humans" a mope rectangular design might be a departure away from that, and could alienate fans of the S III.



Port placement has also been "confirmed" by these leaked cases, with a headphone port at the top of the device, sleep/wake button on the right, volume rocker on the left and a microUSB port on the bottom. Which sounds like a lot like any Samsung phone in the last 3 years.

These case leaks don't normally carry a lot of weight and I wouldn't be surprised if this were some Chinese manufacturer trying to design cases off of a leaked design in order to beat everyone else to the market.

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