Is a Twenty Second Glimpse at the HTC One Enough to Excite You?


These days, it seems that technology companies are going to try absolutely everything and anything to build up hype for their new products. Who can blame them? The smartphone market is fierce with competition and it's difficult to get in past the giants that are Samsung and Apple. For HTC, who've had it more than a little rough lately, it's perhaps more difficult to be noticed than ever before. Their upcoming flagship could well be the new making of HTC, or the end of them. So, naturally you'd think the "hype-machine" is running at full speed. Well, not quite but, it's getting there.

HTC are holding two press events for the M7 on the 19th of this month, one in New York and one in London. The company is perhaps going to be holding them at the same time which could be a little gimmicky but, that's marketing, right? HTC have started ramping up hype for the event, with a small banner being posted on G+ reminding people of the date and they've been drip-feeding 5 second teaser clips, which have now ended up on YouTube as a 20-second video.


Tease_Cover_Global_M7 (2)

At 468 ppi the world is going to have another phone that smashes the iPhone's "retina" display and HTC are perhaps hoping that will get them some good attention but right now, the marketing looks a little scant. After all, HTC can't seem to figure out what they want to name the phone, with Peter Chou chanting "M7 M7 M7 M7", and the moniker of "HTC One" floating around, it looks like this flagship is suffering an identity crisis.

Whatever the hell HTC is going to name the phone is irrelevant if they go down the same marketing route they did with the One Series. When the One X launched, there were perhaps a few TV spots after the device's release but that was about it, there was nothing more after that and Samsung quickly owned the rest of the year with their Galaxy S III. Samsung's Galaxy S III and HTC's One X are comparable phones, one has a lot more removable items but, they're very close in terms of specs and yet, we all know which one was marketed better. 20 seconds is not going to cut it, especially when we've seen so much of the phone leak out already. What you need to do HTC, is give us something to be excited about, something we might actually want.


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