HTC Teases New 'Camera' and 'Sound' Experience for 2013


HTC obviously has something up its sleeves when it comes to mobile photography. In a new Infographic, posted on the official HTC blog, they teased some quite fascinating news. It would appear that 2013 is going to be a relatively exciting year for HTC fans.

The Infographic briefly outlines the history of photography, up until current day. While the validity of mobile milestones listed on the Infographic are certainly questionable, one thing unequivocally stands out.


Right at the bottom of the Infographic is this cute little teaser:

"HTC kicks off a new sound and camera experience in 2013."

This is hot off the heels of a rumor that surfaced yesterday, involving 'Ultrapixel' cameras and the new HTC M7 handset. More specifically, the rumor is that HTC is going to include a multiple layer 'Ultrapixel' sensor in the upcoming M7. The various layers will allow the sensor to capture separate images, and then patch them together to create a 'crystal clear' photo. It's pretty hard to believe that such technology is going to be implemented in a smartphone, but a rumor is a rumor. Things may turn out a little different when the device actually hits the market.


Regardless, that doesn't make the news any less exciting. Unfortunately, HTC didn't reveal too many details, in fact, they were painstakingly vague. No doubt this is to generate some genuine interest in the brand, and judging by some of the comments underneath the post that was accomplished. Some people were rather negative about the Infographic itself, which took pot shots at Nokia, Apple and others.

HTC did take some time to call out the Nokia 808 PureView, which, if you didn't know already, is outfitted with a 41 megapixel camera. As it would seem, HTC is planning to strike down the PureView, and take hold as reigning champion over digital camera quality in the mobile industry.

It's not a stretch to believe that this Infographic, and quite unofficial announcement, are related to yesterday's 'Ultrapixel' rumor.


Of course, HTC didn't just allude to the 'camera experience,' they also included a lovely little tidbit about 'sound' features. I'm willing to bet this part of the teaser has to do with HTC's costly acquisition of Beats Audio. It's possible they made some additional improvements in terms of audio, or maybe they're going to introduce an innovative feature. Still, it's surely going to be related to Beats Audio.

It's a little hard to imagine the practical use of a handset that's equipped with an "Ultrapixel" sensor of equal power greater than 41 megapixels. I mean, honestly, not everyone is a professional digital photographer. I'd much rather see low quality images of people's food, than a higher quality image any time. I guess HTC feels differently about that.

There's still no specific dates mentioned, which means you'll have to wait a little longer before you can upload that 'crystal clear' snapshot of your Enchiladas to Twitter.


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Source: HTC Blog