HTC M4 and G2 Coming Q2 2013; 2013's One S and One V?


2013 could well be a crunch year for HTC, after a bad year they really need to get their heads back in the game and deliver something really great. HTC delivered some good quality device and, in the case of the Droid DNA, some state-of-the-art technology but, with limited availability and poor update support, it was a bad year overall. If you were to ask many Android fans what phone they're considering to upgrade to, most of them are going to give you one name: Samsung. That's not good for HTC and there are a couple of reasons why HTC struggled throughout the last year. nevertheless, HTC will be looking to deliver something special throughout 2013. We've already heard a lot about the mysterious M7 but there are new devices that have come to light thanks to the infamous Twitter handle @evleaks. Say hello to the M4 and the G2.

These days it seems that Android news is full of leaks @evleaks have given us some of the juiciest in the past. Details on these devices are scant but we have some tentative specs for the two devices. The M4 will be coming with a 4.3-inch 720p display, a dual-core Snapdragon processor, the same 13 MP shooter and half the storage of the M7. As for the G2, we're not sure what HTC are doing, with a 3.5-inch display at just 800 x 480 and a 1 Ghz processor. We certainly hope that the G2 is not a device HTC are planning to feature in their main line-up throughout 2013 as history has shown that these sort of devices only work well in emerging markets. As for the M4, it sounds like a perfectly good mid-range offering.

These two devices sound a lot like the One S and the One V from last year's MWC, which were HTC's mid to low-end offerings. Personally, I don't want a phone much bigger – if at all – than 4.7-inches so it's nice to see HTC making a device that is sized well that doesn't compromise too much on specs. Hopefully, HTC will have a lot to show us at their events coming up next month, just before MWC.


[Source: Unwired View]

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