Google Now Updated with Widgets, Real Estate Listings, Movie Ratings and More


Well, you know how earlier this week we found that Google Now widget on Google's support site? Well now its here. Just like we thought, it's coming in a Google search update and not an OS update. Which is especially good for those not on Nexus devices. There are more new features for Google Now then just the widget though. Here's the full change log from Google Play:

What's in this version:


For Android 4.1+ (Jelly Bean):
– Google Now widget for home screen or lock screen
– Movie passes from Fandango
– Movies now includes ratings from Rotten Tomatoes
– Real estate listings from Zillow when in the market for a home
– Music button when a song is playing in voice mode (US only)
– Support for US college sports

So we've got our widget. It also brings support for US College sports teams, there's now a music button, real estate listings, movie ratings, and movie passes. Some pretty sweet new features for Google Now. The most interesting is the real estate listings. I'm guessing the way this works is that when you're looking for a new house, it'll will tell you what houses are for sale in your area, or the area you are currently in. But the support for US college sports teams are probably the biggest feature in this update. Since March Madness is right around the corner. Who will you be rooting for to make it to the Final Four?

The update should now be available on Google Play, so go ahead and grab it and have fun with these great new features. But this has gotta leave us wondering, what will Google announce for Google Now enhancements and changes at Google I/O? Or will they have plenty of other changes for the next version of Android, possibly Key Lime Pie? Let us know in the comments how you like or dislike this update to Google Now.