Google+ Introduces Google+ Sign-In; Use Your Google Credentials Anywhere

The Google+ team have announced the new Google+ Application sign-in, enabling people to sign in an Android, iOS apps or web page using their G+ credentials. So what does this new feature brings besides the obvious?

Firstly, this permits a more secure and simple sign in method, allowing a user to log-in just as easy as he would log in to Youtube or Google+, once he signed in one of the other Google services, such as Google Search and Google Drive.

The log-in process is similar to the Facebook Sign-in, with which I'm sure you're accustomed to. There are few people who haven't used it when confronted with a new site that required them to open an account. We are all lazy when it comes to that.

The places you used Google+ Sign-in to register will be accessible at The link isn't working right now, but hopefully it'll be up in no time.

A cool new feature of the Google+ sign in will allow web sites you've registered on through the service to display a pop-up straight from the Google Play Store indicating to their app.

A thing that I always liked about Google+ is the emphasis they make on selective sharing, a thing which is at the base of it as a social network. Now with the G+ sign-in you will be able (if you want, of course) to share content from an app or website only to Circles you want to. This functionality is implemented in Facebook as well, though the Lists seem to over complicate things.

Application posts on Google+ now are much more interactive. For instance, if a friend shares something with you from an app (such as a gift idea on Fancy, for example), you can access the post from your phone or tablet app (and if you have that app installed on the device) you will be able to jump straight to that page on the app, and not access the webpage using your device's browser. The team calls this Interactive Posts, a thing I am definitely looking forward for.

As of now, the websites that are said to have this implemented don't seem to have this feature displayed. It might be just me, though. Google Application Sign in will be available on Android devices starting tomorrow, when the latest Google Play Services will be pushed to devices. As of now there are a dozen sites that have this feature integrated, among them being Flixster, Shazam, Tunein and Fancy.

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