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We all love the Simpsons. The lovable but dull minded Homer, that pesky Ned Flanders, and of course who could forget Bart with all his hi-jinks  I know growing up that it was the one show that I wanted to more than anything. Thanks to Electronic Arts, and the guys behind the Simpsons, I can now live out all the hilarity of the show on a daily basis.

The Simpsons Tapped Out is a world builder game that I actually want to play. I hate world builder games. With a fiery passion of a thousand suns peppered with ghost chili's that burn your skin if you bathe in the rays too long. Yet, I picked up the game not knowing quite what it would entail and to my surprise the game is actually pretty fun. You will over time to get to interact with all the different characters from the show. The game starts out with a cut scene of homer at the plant, causing... could you guess a nuclear meltdown? Well, that's exactly what happens and the whole town of Springfield blows up, except for homer. Weird. As you interact with Homer (by tapping on his character, this is how you will of course interact with all things in this game.) he will eventually have to start building the town back to its original state. What drives Homer to do this? He wants to save his family, and of course there are donuts involved.

Upon building his home Lisa arrives out of nowhere which gets you one step closer to rebuilding Springfield. The game has time limits with everything that you are allowed to do just like most other world builder type games. Each character has a small limit for most things, some actions will take a little longer. The action of actually building the houses or buildings is what seems to take the longest. The game of course has plenty of replay value because you won't be anywhere near done within a week. You will have to spend multiple days gathering the resources that you need to carry out tasks like cleaning up Springfield and raising money to build pieces of the town like land, neighbor's houses and the Kwik-E-Mart which sounds like plenty of funerino.

There is even an alternate Springfield that you can visit once a day where you can interact with all the buildings and gain XP and money to help your own town along. Now when I say once a day I really mean once a day. The timer on going back is literally 24 hours. While you're there you can also only interact with three buildings. I have no idea if this changes in future visits further along in the game. For your visit though it seems like three is the magic number. To keep things light and funny EA and the original writers of the show (which have been summoned to drum up all the comedic value for the game) made sure to throw in all the best parts that we remember of The Simpsons TV series. The jokes. Yea, they have plenty of Matt Groening's genius baked in and that alone made me want to play. I have never laughed so hard playing a game on my android device before. If you just cant get enough of the Simpsons and all the hilariousness that comes along with them, You can pick up this awesome game from EA on the play store now for FREE! I'm sure there is real cash money involved somewhere if you want to purchase things to speed up the building processes and what not. But where's the fun in that? DOHH! By the way, watch the launch trailer, its pretty damn funny!

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