Game Spotlight: Grudger

February 14, 2013 - Written By Justin Diaz

I’ve played my share of free runner platform games. Over the years of using an android device, there have been many versions of this simple game concept. So why doesn’t it get boring? I guess the better question would be why do I keep playing them? The answer for some/most and at least for me is the new life some developers are breathing into the genre. This week, Grudger has done just that and given a quaint little platformer for us to enjoy.

2013-02-14 11.04.03

Grudger comes to us from the developers Noble Muffins and is free running platform game with a kick ass steampunk theme to it. You play as Grudger, a courier for hire of sorts that has customers, and his customers have needs. It’s a dangerous world out there for Grudger in his line of work and he must meet in unsuspecting places while overcoming some tough obstacles just to make his customers happy.

2013-02-14 11.07.05

You must run your way through each level to deliver your packages. Each level is set up sort of like a maze so you must choose the right path to make it to the end. This gives Grudger a kind of one up on other free runners because you have control over the character a little more. Grudger has plenty of abilities to help him get past the many obstacles that pop up in each level. Jump, duck and roll, and double jump to either bounce off walls or clear larger gaps. You will not only have to clear the level by delivering your packages but collect aluminum throughout the levels as well. There are three aluminum bars to collect in each level and you must collect a certain amount to move to the next stage.

2013-02-14 11.02.43

Grudger only has two stages right now, Dustopolis and Smogham, each with 15 levels, but noble muffins states that more levels are coming. This is good news otherwise the game would get boring real quick. You can also unlock a survival mode by collecting enough aluminum bars, so it seems Grudger will have plenty to offer players to start with promises of more content on the way. Grudger is completely built off of gestures by swiping in different directions to make Grudger do an action, so it’s simple enough to control but not as easy to master. For the completion nuts there are also hidden Easter eggs placed throughout the game, as well as a high score board in survival mode.

2013-02-14 11.03.20

If you’re looking for a fun little platform game, Grudger is worth a look. It’s half off for a limited time too so it’ll only set you back a $1.50. Check it out and let me know what you guys think. I’ve been enjoying this one.

2013-02-14 11.07.43