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This week guys I want to feature a little game that I just couldn't resist playing much less resist putting it under the microscope for you. Dungeon Quest by Shiny Box LLC., is a dungeon crawler with a cartoonish feel that crawled its way into my heart and latched on like barbed wire on a poor soul trying to escape... well , something. Before I go any further I feel inclined to mention that Dungeon Quest is in a beta right now so some things are a bit buggy and sometimes the game lags for a tad bit but it's still really, really fun.

Dungeon Quest is like I stated before, a dungeon crawler. You'll play as the games only character at the moment, a wizard who must fight his way through numerous floors of various dungeons. You start out on Act 1 and then have to work up to floor 5 and defeat the main boss of the first act w (which might I add is way harder than it sounds). There are plenty of enemy's to keep you busy but that's all well and good, especially in a dungeon crawler because that just means more experience and sweet loot drops, which is why most of play the dungeon crawlers time and time again after the stories end.

All the loot drops are completely random, as are the dungeons you'll find them in, which should keep things rather new and fresh for a little while until this game is out of beta with more content. There are four acts in total each with a legendary boss at the end that you'll have to smite down with powerful magic attacks and rare or GASP... hopefully epic items. I have already found one epic wand and I have only played through the first act (which was about 20 minutes).  Now I know what you're thinking that twenty minutes seems really short and the rest of the game must be that way too. I can tell you that I have no idea whether the other acts are longer or not but the game allows you to switch between floors at will so the reply value here could be higher if you take that into consideration. In any case, there are 5 floors per act, and four acts, which should take you a couple hours or so. Not bad if you ask me for a friendly little game that's in open beta. I should also mention that with the randomization Shiny Box says you will never fight in the same dungeon twice, and that there are 100 levels for you to climb through spread across 5 different difficulty levels. There's your replay value.

The game has randomized HP and MP orbs that will spawn off of mobs every now and again but it also sports a merchant for you to buy anything you'd like. How do you acquire these items you ask? Well, one of two ways. You crawl through as much dungeon slaying as many evil baddies as you can to amass a dubious amount of gold, or.... Buy gold with your hard earned real moneys. I prefer the previous option, because I hate spending my real cash on my mobile games. Although, I have been known to drop a few bucks on a couple of them if they are worthy.  If you're having trouble deciding what to buy or are just rather attached to something you may have picked up, you could also just upgrade it using the enchanting and stat re rolling systems built within the game. Dungeon Quest has something for you competitive players too, online leader boards  So if you really like the game and want to be the most powerful wizard in all of Dungeon Quest, you can rocket to the top and make sure everyone knows you're a bad-ass.

So far, I have quite enjoyed what little time I have spent playing this game, even though the content as far as story line is a little light at the moment. The good news is that Shiny Box has committed to adding new content continuously while they're in preparation for the final release of the game which is in two months. That's not too far away, so if you're looking for a new game you should give Dungeon Quest a try. It works splendidly on the Nexus 7 in case any of you were wondering, and the game is free to play. Remember the in app purchases are there for your convenience but are by no means necessary. Pick it up at the link and see how powerful YOU can become.

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