Galaxy Nexus Users; Here's How To Get Android 4.2.2


Isn't it great when you're just catching up on some Android news and then you stumble across an update for that pure Google device of yours? Yeah, that's pretty great, of course it's not the same when it's just a point release like this one is but, it's still nice to get updates before everyone else, right? Well, with news that the Android 4.2.2 update we've heard rumored about for some time, rolling out for select Nexus devices, it's a good time to be running a Nexus.

While users on Reddit first discovered the update, it's been difficult for anyone else to get in on the update, after all Google like to do these things in stages so that their servers don't explode or something. Who can blame them? They have more Nexus devices to update than ever before now. Let's face it though, we're not interested in saving bandwith or anything like that, we just want the update and we want it right now. If you're running a Galaxy Nexus then, we have some exciting news, the update file has been found on Google's servers and is ready and waiting for you to download.

There are caveats however, this is only going to work on a "takju" Galaxy Nexus and you need to make sure you're on build "JOP40D" – which most of you must be – if not, Google has your back with a factory image. If you've got a custom recovery installed, go ahead and download the and flash it as normal. Now, if for some crazy reason you're completely bone stock, there are a few extra instructions for you to follow:

  • Download the ZIP and keep it stored on your computer.
  • You're going to need at least a little bit of knowledge of adb and have it installed, if not you can always install the latest sdk.
  • Open up Command Prompt – or a Terminal window in Linux/Mac – in the same directory as the zip and type " adb sideload" Minus the quotes, of course.
  • You should see a nice progress bar appear on screen, when it's done, reboot and you should be running Android 4.2.2 and you should see a build number of "JDQ39"

Download Link


Have fun folks, and if you get the update, let us know in the comments if anything has changed or if something feels a little different. Is Bluetooth any better, is the evil WiFi bug gone?


[Source: Android Police]