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Word games are a whole lot of fun and if you've ever played Scrabble once or twice then, you know how difficult and challenging they can be as well. Scrabble, however is a game that's very slow-paced, there's a lot of time to think and there are a whole lot of other things to take into account aside from just making a new word. What if you want something a little faster? A little more, exciting? Well, Wordsplosion tasks you with guessing words as quickly as you can, with only a few clue and a keyboard. Read on to see if Wordsplosion is something for you.

Description: Wordsplosion is a fast paced word game that will have you guessing what the word is, you're given the first letter and then you've got to find the rest. With some really cool graphics and challenging words to guess, it'll have you coming back for more and more. With Wordsplosion, the action rarely slows, thanks to the intuitive input with the keyboard and the scant time limit awarded. Read on to find out just how Wordsplosion is played and why it can be so much fun.

How it Works: To get started playing Wordsplosion, you'll have to go ahead and install the app from the Play Store. From then on, you'll be able to test just how good your word skills really are.



It's easy to start playing and the first thing you'll notice is the big keyboard there, which encourages you to play the game at a fast pace. The game will tell you how to play, just tap any of the question marks to learn more:



Of course, the underlying aim of the game is to guess the five letter word as quickly as you can. You're always given the first letter of word and you can submit any word you like. However, you must make sure that the word is in the Dictionary, gibberish to guess letters is certainly not allowed!


Letters that you've guessed, and are incorrect, are colored red on the keyboard – to save you the trouble of sending them again. If you guess a letter, in the right place, then it will be added to the word forming at the top of the display. This helps a lot in most circumstances. Especially if you are limited on time. You can see how little or how much time you have left in the meter above the arrow used to submit your word.




You'll see words that you've already submitted floating around the main word at the top. Often times you'll be given a hint, which you can use by pressing the green tab with a question mark in it. This will reveal another letter of the word. It's pretty great when you get a word correct, a lot of fancy looking visuals pop up and you're encouraged to play again!




It might seem like a game that's easy but, once you dive into it, you'll soon find that you're own worst enemy is yourself. The words aren't exactly advanced or anything, the obstacle comes in the form of you being unable to function quickly and accurately. It's a lot of fun though, for sure!


Opinion: As someone who's spent a good portion of my life studying the English Language, I'm pretty "in" when it comes to word games. I've always loved Scrabble but, a game just takes too damn long and when you want a quick fix there's either nobody to play with or the computer is being predictable, again. Wordsplosion however, pits you against yourself. All you have to do is guess one simple word, it's not particularly advanced vocabulary here, but the challenge quickly becomes yourself. Can you defeat your slow reflexes? Can you overcome the struggle when your mind goes blank. Facing off against yourself is what will have you coming back for more, time and time again.


  • Speed (5/5) – I'm really impressed with the pacing of Wordsplosion, the speed of it all will confuse you and put up a real challenge.
  • Features (4/5) – I really liked the gameplay in Wordsplosion but, I came across the same word a few times.
  • Theme (5/5) – Wordsplosion is flat-out cool to look at, with animations and sounds coming from everywhere, it's a lot of fun.
  • Overall (5/5) – This is definitely a game that's easy to recommend to people and it's easy to get to grips with, just don't start playing if you have something you need to get done.


  • Brilliant new take on word games and puzzlers.
  • Fantastic and fun graphics and sounds make the game really pop.
  • Element of challenge will have you coming back for more and more.
  • Frantic gameplay gives it a great mobile feel.


  • The words used don't follow any sort of pattern but, that's what keeps it fresh.
  • As I was playing, the same words came up a couple of times.

Conclusion: For those that enjoy using their brains to play games, and aren't too keen on action games, Wordsplosion is a brilliant game. The addition of a keyboard alone, makes this a game worth your time and attention. There's great graphics, challenging gameplay and fun sounds to cap it all off. Wordsplosion is definitely something I'd recommend to others and it's a great game overall. Hit the link below to see how good your word skills are!


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