Sponsored Game Review: Get the Nut


I love puzzle games, there is nothing like the satisfaction of cracking a puzzle and proving how smart you are. Not only that but, they're also some of the easiest games to play on the go.

However, you rarely come across a puzzle game which is truly unique and engaging.


Pixibots, the folks behind the excellent Cryptica, have developed a type of puzzle game that's reminiscent of a cute platformer. Read on to see how and why Get the Nut might be your new favorite mobile game.

Description: Get the Nut is a game that will have you team up with the adorable Squirrely and have you help him get all the acorns that he has lost back, safe and sound. Squirrely recently lost all of his acorns in a geyser accident and you must help him find them by rolling over animals in your way. Beware though, not all animals are as cute and friendly as squirrely! Featuring 144 levels in 4 areas that feature unique mechanics and look & feel, there is a lot for you to do as you enjoy the fantastic graphics. Take a look at the trailer below to see a little bit more:

Opinion:  Get the Nut is a sort of game you'll find not only fun playing by yourself  but also with the little ones. The graphics are engaging as well as good-looking, the more you play, the more you're drawn in.


How it Works: To get started, you can find Get the Nut on the Play store. There is the free version which has 24 levels and there's the full featured version with all 144 levels.

screen shots 5

Get The Nut comes with 4 areas: Forest, Snow, Swamp and Wild West, In each one new animals are introduced and new mechanics are added to the puzzles. Also every area is divided to 2 sets, easy that is also suitable for kids and hard which will make you scratch your head.


screen shots 3

There are a lot of levels to complete in both easy and hard difficulties but, you've got to get a certain amount of acorns – which work like stars do in Angry Birds or Cut the Rope – before you can unlock more areas to play.

The roles are pretty easy to figure out even without the help, in principle, you have to roll animals out of your way or use them to your advantage and lead Squirrely to his beloved acorn.


screen shots 7

Things start off pretty easy but they soon get quite tricky and there's often not a lot that you can do without taking a moment to really think about  the puzzle.

screen shots 6


The more levels you go through, the more animals you'll encounter. Which, of course, makes things a little more difficult. There are animals that pose a threat to you and you'll have to think about things a little bit harder.


  • Speed (4/5) – Get the Nut is a fast game and it's definitely one that has it's pacing worked out well. It plays well and runs well on every device I tested it on.
  • Features (4/5) – This is a great puzzle game that has all the hallmarks of becoming a classic, it might be a little light on mechanics but, there's more than meets the eye to Get the Nut.
  • Theme (5/5) – The visuals on offer here are brilliant, they give a lighthearted look and feel without delivering a trivial look and feel.
  • Overall (5/5) – Get the Nut is not only a lot of fun but a well-developed game with a high-level of polish. It's easy to recommend to others, and should you entertained for a long time to come.

Conclusion: Usually puzzle game developers invest more in the puzzles and less in how they look. This is where Pixibots stand out , they have showed that puzzle games could look fantastic as well as be challenging. They did it with Cryptica  and they have done it again with this title. Get the Nut is definitely a game that I'd recommend and it's a game that I can see myself playing time and time again.