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Whenever we talk about Android games, it's hard to ignore the elephant in the room that is Angry Birds. There's no denying the popularity and success behind the game(s) and they continue to prove popular with casual gamers. Every now and then though, a staple genre like Angry Birds can grow a little stale and someone else needs to rise up and create something new. Read on to if Free the Birds is that something fresh.

Description: Free the Birds is a game that utilizes physics to convey pleasant gaming experience for all. There's no flinging of birds here, instead you'll have to rely on your trusty bow and arrow to free captive birds from their cages. Free the Birds comes with a great minigame as well. It all comes together to deliver a great package that should have you coming for more time and time again.

How it Works: To get started playing Free the Birds you've got to take a quick trip over the Play Store and install the game. After that, you can get started!


Screenshot_2013-02-04-13-08-12From the main menu you can see that there are a few options. "Play" will obviously take you through to the main game, and then underneath that you'll see the arrow and apple icon, this takes you through to the minigame – more on that later. Let's go ahead and start playing the main game.


You'll see a sort of film reel go past as the game sets the scene – essentially what you've got to do is use the bow and arrow to shoot down hanging cages in order to free the birds from their captivity. The controls for aiming and firing arrows are really easy to master, but you need to stay alert to make sure you don't miss or waste a shot.



You only have a certain amount of time to free the birds from their cages and you have a limited amount of arrows. Time is shown by the meter underneath the birds' cages and the amount of arrows is at the top of the display. It starts off easy but it gets more and more difficult, with more cages and only a scant supply of arrows.



If you hit the cages, you upset the birds, and you really don't want to be doing that, do you?! It's a satisfying feeling when you get an arrow right through the rope, as it's more challenging a game than you first think. The minigame is the part of the game that I, personally, found the most fun. You have a limited amount of time and using the arrows you must move fruit into a sort of points areas:


Opinion: Free the Birds does take similarities from Angry Birds, there's no denying that but, there's enough new content to make this game feel fresh. For me, the minigame were the most enjoyable part of the entire package but, the main game is very good, too. There's definitely a challenging element to the game and that's great because, games these days could be considered a little easy. Having that challenge present is what keeps you coming back for more. For those that enjoy these sort of games, they're going to love it and I'd recommend this to anyone, whether or not they play games.



  • Speed (4/5) – There were no issues while testing the app and the pacing was well suited to the game genre.
  • Features (4/5) – Free the Birds has it's quirks but, the good old bow and arrow are definitely put to good use here and the minigame are excellent.
  • Theme (4/5) – The game looks good, however it could benefit from some added polish.
  • Overall (4/5) – Free the Birds is an easy game to recommend to anyone and once you get into it, you can have a lot of fun, indeed.


  • Easy controls to master.
  • Built for touch screens.
  • Arcade style minigame are brilliant and a lot of fun.
  • Good-looking visuals.


  • Could be considered too similar to Angry Birds.
  • More gameplay like the minigame would be brilliant.

Conclusion: There are a lot of games our there in the Play Store that offer gameplay based around physics but, there aren't too many that take a great idea and throw a fresh spin on it. Free the Birds is a fun little game that will have you spending hours of time playing. It's the sort of game that doesn't ask too much of you but, that's also challenging enough to keep you more than engaged as you play more and more stages. It's definitely a game that's easily recommended to others and one that will steal more and more of your time away. Follow the link to head on to the Play Store and see how you like it.


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