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When we think about online security we think about passwords and how good the passwords chosen are. After all, more and more of our data is behind these passwords, whether it's stored in Dropbox or Google Drive it's all behind a password of our choosing. Of course, there are free apps that will help you choose a strong password but, they're free apps so – how much can you really trust them? If you've got a lot of files you need to keep safe then your best bet is to go with something you can trust, something truly secure. While that might cost you, it's better than losing important files, right? Read on to see if RecordVault is for you and more importantly, if you can trust it.

Description: RecordVault is an application to keep all of important files behind a locked door and away from prying eyes or trouble involving malware or even hacks. There is support of In Case of Emergency (ICE) access to certain files and information you need at a moment's notice. Aside from that, the main attraction of the app is the vault itself in which you can store whatever you like in it, protected by some serious security, indeed. Read on to find how to use RecordVault and how it can be of use to you.

How it Works: To get started you're going to have to download the app from the Play Store and no, there's no trail version unfortunately. Once you've installed the app from the Play Store, you'll get this main screen when you open the app:


2013-01-25 09.42.28You'll want to get started and enter the vault right away so, just hit the button in the lower right corner and you'll be ushered into the set-up. It's a little comprehensive so, be sure to input either the right information or information you know you'll remember.2013-01-25 09.42.35

Well, that doesn't look too secure? An e-mail address an a password? No, it doesn't look all that secure but that's just for starters, you'll have more, very specific info you'll be asked to input:

2013-01-25 09.43.48


All that info needs to be entered every time you log in, and when you do log in, you'll be given a one-time passcode to input as well:

2013-01-25 09.44.56

So, getting into the vault is a convoluted process but remember, this is all done to make sure that the files you want to keep secure are in fact, kept secure. Once you're in the vault you'll see that there's a Getting Started file in there for your convenience, it's well giving a read as well:Screenshot_2013-01-27-17-21-56


Adding files to the vault is pretty easy and can be done through Android's excellent share system that reaches throughout the whole OS. Let's say you want to keep a photo safe, out of the Gallery and away from prying eyes. Just head over to the Gallery app and then hit the share button, among everything else you'll see RecordVault:Screenshot_2013-01-27-17-21-03

After that the file will be in your Vault and you can do this for a vast amount of files. RecordVault is an app that you have to get used to but, once you do there is a lot of value in it. Even though it's a little pricey it's worth the extra piece of mind, there are no ads and it is only one payment.

Opinion: I'm a little too security conscious for my own good and I'm a little paranoid when it comes to the web. While I have a lot of faith in my Drive and Dropbox accounts I have numerous physical backups as well. With RecordVault you can have your own little safe haven locked inside your phone and let me assure you, it's super-secure. It's so secure that I forgot some information when reviewing the app and….I was locked out. It was perhaps good that I did because otherwise I wouldn't be able to tell you how good their customer support is. Which is fantastic.



  • Speed (4/5) – It's clear that there is a lot of encryption etc going on behind the scenes but RecordVault was speedy and smooth during my use.
  • Features (5/5) – If you need to keep something safe and you don't know what or who to trust, then RecordVault has all you need.
  • Theme (4/5) – There's a good-looking Holo theme at the heart of it and most importantly, it's easy to follow and functional.
  • Overall (4/5) – This isn't an app for everyone but, for those that need extra security, you can't go wrong with RecordVault.


  • Great option for those looking for more security.
  • Using Android's share function is genius.
  • Security measures are very much worth the price.
  • Good-looking theme that's easy to follow.


  • The price is good for security, but it's pricey for an app.
  • Some clear examples within the app or a get started guide would be welcome.

Conclusion: RecordVault is very much an app that fits its niche very well. Not everyone is going to care about this app but, for those that will it'll serve all of your needs. If you're the type of person to carry sensitive documents or images you just can't live without – of your loved ones for instance – then RecordVault will put your mind at rest. With Google Drive and Dropbox becoming more and more prevalent there might be a need for something like this but, RecordVault is far more secure than anything else and there's no doubting the excellent customer service behind it all, either.


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