Sponsored App Review: Nuke My Phone

February 7, 2013 - Written By Tom Dawson

It seems like it wasn’t long ago that smartphones were the reserve of hardcore geeks and businessmen but now, we’ve all got one. And we all love them. More than ever, mobile technology is a firm part of pop culture. There’s a lot of money in smartphones and always being connected – just go ask Verizon – but often there’s money to be saved when you go and do things on your own. As in, buying a used smartphone and heading to a pre-paid carrier for a better, more affordable deal without a contract. That also means that it’s a great time to sell that phone you’ve kept safe, and in good condition – it’s worth a lot to someone else. So, selling your old phone is good right? Yes, but you need to be careful. Read on to find out why you need Nuke My Phone to sell your old phone properly.

Description: Selling your old smartphone is a good idea, especially if you keep it in good condition. While the cosmetics of your device might be important to the buyer, it shouldn’t be too important to you. Especially not when it comes to your data. Just think for a second, about how much of your personal data is stored on your phone, and how much goes through your phone everyday. Back with me? Good. To successfully sell an old device, you need to wipe it thoroughly beforehand. Nuke my Phone adheres to National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) guidelines and makes sure that not only is your phone factory reset but, that none of your data from your SD card or storage, gets in the hands of others.

How it Works: One of the best things about Nuke my Phone is that it’s simple and easy to follow, there’s no quizzical process that you need to follow to get it working or anything like that. Which means that pretty much anyone can do it. The app will take you through it all step-by-step, so quit worrying.


It’s easy to get started but, you really should make sure you have a backup of everything you need. Check it, and check it again.


I can’t express how important it is to backup the phone before you nuke it, this will wipe clean your SD card or internal memory, which means all of those photos and videos. Just plug it into the computer and make a copy first, please?


As with anything like this, anything intensive. Just let it run its course, otherwise something might go wrong. If it’s taking longer than you might think, perhaps your phone is a little older than you first thought. Once that’s done, you’ll be prompted to perform a factory reset.


A small set of steps like this might not look like much but, this is perhaps the easiest and more importantly, the safest way to make sure your phone is fit for sale or recycling. It’s also a really great price, to say that you might only use it a couple of times over the course of a couple of years. Definitely an application to have installed on your device.

Opinion: If I’m honest, I think that more and more people should be encouraged to be careful of their data when it comes to smartphones. All of the data on my SD Card might be a little mundane – not all of it, mind you – but I certainly don’t want someone else looking through my holiday snaps, or worse. If you’ve got kids you’ll know how easy it is to take photos of the little ones with your smartphone, but you don’t want someone else looking at them now do you? Nuke my Phone does something that everyone should do when they’re selling a device and it’s important that you do do before selling any smartphone.


  • Speed (4/5) – It does a good job of making sure your phone is clean, and it does it quickly and more importantly, thoroughly.
  • Features (5/5) – You could argue that there’s only one feature of Nuke my Phone but, there’s no denying it’s important and it does it brilliantly.
  • Theme (5/5) – With the default Android Holo theme running the whole show, everything looks and works well, we wish more apps would look this good.
  • Overall (5/5) – These apps that serve small but very important purposes are brilliant and if you’re selling an old smartphone, or returning one. This is the only app you need.


  • Brilliant Holo theming is at home with any Nexus and looks great on all smartphones.
  • Adhering to industry standards gives you peace and mind.
  • Making sure all your information is wiped is something that everyone should do before selling a smartphone.
  • Quick and easy step-by-step process is easy to follow and there’s nothing too complicated about the process.


  • Advanced controls would be good.
  • Backup option for migrating to a new phone would work really well here.

Conclusion: For a lot of people, selling a smartphone is as simple as performing a factory reset but, you never know what information could be recoverable from the SD Card or the internal storage of your device. It’s not nice for someone to get a device with other people’s info on, either. If you could only afford a second-hand device, you’d hate to pay for something that isn’t truly yours. So, take a minute to make a better sale on your phone and think of other people when you choose to sell your phone – and perhaps save some embarrassment in the process.