Droid Weekly 2/10/13: HTC M7, Galaxy S4, Google's Airport and More


Next Generation HTC Droid DNA On Its Way As The DLXPLUS? Could It Be the HTC M7 for Verizon?


We basically already know everything about the HTC M7 right? We know the specs, what it's going to look like, and that it'll have "ultrapixel" whatever that is. So why is it coming to Verizon? It's basically the Droid DNA's smaller brother. Read more


Software Update Leaked for Verizon Galaxy S3: Android 4.1.2 Build VRBMA2


Well Android 4.1.2 leaked for the Verizon Galaxy S3. Anyone want to take bets as to when we'll actually see it come out as an OTA? Read More

T-Mobile Launch Calendar Leaked, Galaxy S3 LTE Launching in Late March



T-Mobile's slightly updated Galaxy S3, with LTE support is due to launch in late March. So how well will it actually do? Especially with the Galaxy S4 right around the corner, which I'm sure will support LTE out of the box. Read More

Another Samsung Galaxy S4 render; Could this be The real Deal?


Well It does look very nice, but we now know that this render is fake. it actually looks like something HTC would bring to the table. Read more


HTC Teases New 'Camera' and 'Sound' Experience for 2013

HTC Hints at New Camera Experience

HTC is teasing us every year about something new, but they usually don't deliver. So we're hoping this year is a bit better for HTC. We'd hate to lose an Android OEM. Read More

February Android Version Numbers Are In! Android 4.0+ Closing in on 50%



At the end of every month, Google releases version numbers to developers. It basically breaks down what percentage of Android devices are on which API level and which version of Android. Gingerbread still leads at 45.4%. Read more

Ice Cream Sandwich Finally Rolls out to the HTC Thunderbolt


It's actually rolling out now. So if you're one of the few still rocking Verizon's first LTE device, the Thunderbolt, you can now get some Ice Cream Sandwich. Read More


The Simpsons Tapped Out Now Available in North America! D'OH!


If you love The Simpsons, then you are going to love this game. The best part is that it's free too. But it's only available in North America, unfortunately right now. Read More

Say Hello to Chromebook Pixel; Are Google Planning a High-Resolution Touch-Enabled Chromebook?



We've talked about Chromebooks quite a bit lately here at Android Headlines, but this is just awesome if it really happens. Chromebook Pixel is said to be a 2560×1700 resolution touch-enabled display. Read More

Google Working on Building their own Private Airport in San Jose?


Looks like Google is tired of waiting in those long lines at Airports. We heard this week that Google is almost ready to start construction on a new private Airport for their employees. I wonder if it'll have Google Fiber? Read More