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Luma Arcade Set To Release Three More Games Onto Android

Many of you may not be familiar with Luma Arcade, and that's totally understandable considering that their most notable game has yet to hit Android and were already talking about other titles that are fast on the way. Luma Arcade together with Kerosene Games is responsible for the fabled Bladeslinger that should be hopefully hitting the tegrazone and Play Store soon. In addition to their masterpiece so to speak, The harvest, Racer, and Core are set to come to Android as well.

The Harvest: The Harvest is an original game by Luma Arcade that is currently on the windows phone platform. Not your typical place for a high end game but The Harvest is actually pretty badass. Its set in a futuristic world where humans are fighting back against an alien invasion and you must beat back the unrelenting forces of overwhelming evil with giant mechs. You will have different mechs to choose from and each one will have their own power. The visuals when this was on windows phone were pretty good but it seems like Luma Arcade is doing Android and iOS a solid and doing a major 3D overhaul.

Racer by Luma Arcade and Kerosene Games: Racer is just that, a racing game. Big surprise right? It actually looks pretty polished and I can't wait to give it a try. It looks like it has some rather well rounded eye candy an reminds me of a more Gran Turismo kind of feel, although, it will have power-ups throughout the track that you can pick up to gain the one up on other racers. Kind of like Mario kart or Blur. Definitely a title worth looking into.

Core by Luma Arcade: Core is another original game from Luma Arcade. Not a whole lot of information about it, other than it will be cross platform including Android, iOS, PC and console, & web and social networks. That's a whole lot of different platforms so it seems like Luma Arcade is aiming to get the game out to as many people as possible. The visuals look extremely impressive. No surprise there. I'm not really sure what to make of the type of game Core will be or what the game play will be like but just from watching the concept video I'm intrigued. We'll definitely let you guys know more once more information comes up.


Manos: The Hands Of Fate Resurrects From Big Screen Failure And Ascends To 8 Bit Wonder

So a long time ago, (in the 60s when all the weird shit happened because hey, it was the decade of love and drugs were cool man) some hack decided he could overcome his obstacles and he set out to make a Horror film. Why? Because he wanted to prove it was easy. Long story short is that he had a big ego and the movie failed worse than a blind piliot going for their wings. Yet thanks to FreakZone games, Manos is reborn in all 8bit glory and it wants you to remember how fun and at the same time mind numbingly frustrating games during your childhood were. In true retro gaming fashion, Manos: The Hands of Fate will plunge you (Mike) into the master's lair. Who's the master? Who knows, but he has evil plans for you and your family. Quick! Make haste through the spooky halls of his master's hotel and shoot anything that walks with the Revolver adorned in your right hand. Or left. Maybe Mike is ambidextrous. Horrifying visuals and bad dreams await you in Manos. Can you handle the fear? Find out for $2.49.



Towel Fight 2 Comes To Android Feb. 26

As a boy growing up, I only had one dream, to wear a monocle and look badass. Not just any monocle, a magical monocle. That you could shoot things from. Maybe I watched too many xmen cartoons and envied Cyclops. That's neither here nor there. What IS here and there is Towel Fight 2. Because you will have such a monocle in this game that lets you shoot animals from it. Seems frightfully odd, like a mix of a crazy nights drunken ideas between the minds of the people at Adult Swim and some game studio. I can assure you though; nothing is more awesome then shooting animals from your face. Just imagine the possibilities. Towel Fight 2: The monocle of destiny is dual joystick fun at its best. You play as Hardick ( umm.... Really?), who is a sophisticated man from India with a beard that rivals those of legend and of course the fantastically wicked eye wear. Accompanied by his pet pug bella, Hardick (*snicker snicker*) suddenly finds himself in a mystical far off land right in the middle of a battle between gods. Gasp!! This is where the monocle comes in. Shoot them all. Shoot every god in the face with the animals you shoot from your face. The End. Kidding. The game has more to it than that. Towel Fight 2 actually boasts tons of features. It's got 4-8 hours of campaign time, 10 bosses each with their own lively personalities, 40 unique weapons with an insane number of upgrade possibilities, Dungeons (of course there's dungeons.. DURR!) 5 unique environments and 14 different power ups, and much, much more. We only have to wait three more days to get our hands on this lovely little gem. Once it hits the play store it will be on sale for three days at the fair price of $.99, than it will transform back into a $2.99 price tag. Intrigued yet? How could you not be??!!



Crystal Defenders Goes Lite, Letting You Pay Per Stage

Crystal Defenders is no new comer to the play store. It's been out for quite a while. With all the rage of freemium model gaming now though it seems that Square Enix wanted to test the waters a little to see how their game would fare in such a market. Crystal Defenders original (or full) costs $6.99 on the play store as is, while the Lite version of course is FREE, and lets you play through the game's first 20 waves of the training saga. If you enjoy the game, you can play more of the levels at a $1.99 per wave pack OR, all three for $4.99. There are currently three wave packs. It is also worth noting that the above prices are toted as "SALE" prices and will not remain at those amounts for long. After the sale ends, each wave pack will boost to $2.99 or all three for $7.99.With the normal pricing above the cost of the original full version, some may be wondering why they don't just buy the full version from the get go. Basically, Square Enix plans to release more wave content in the future as IAP add ons. So eventually, more levels will be available. Seems like a decent idea for a Tower Defense game type. Let's just hope the trend doesn't follow into their triple AAA stuff. Has anyone out there played Crystal Defenders before?



Worms 2: Armageddon Coming Soon To Android According To Team 17

Those familiar with the Worms series of games knows how awesome they are. For the rest of you, they're quite awesome. Already available on iOS and as I stated above, so awesome that the popularity is skyrocketing, Worms 2: Armageddon is finally making its way to android. Worms 2 is a urn based strategy game where you must take out the enemy. The game is packed with features, including 12 different game modes, a local pass-and-play hot seat multiplayer as well as global online multiplayer over wifi. The game will come equipped with new worms, new weapons and utilities and customizations. In addition to those features Worms 2: Armageddon also offers 30 single player missions across 5 new themes, a body count mode, and you can even create your own custom game style. The game looks like it has a lot to offer and if you're a fan of the Worms games already or just like turn based strategy types, Worms 2: Armageddon deserves a look. The game is due for release onto the Play Store sometime this spring, which is close. REJOICE!



Flashout 3D Races Into The Spotlight

I talked about this game in the "spotlight" yesterday, which you can find here, but for those who may have missed it, Flashout 3D is a fast paced racing title that almost has an F-Zero feel to it. You race in super fast ships in some pretty cool levels. There are some power ups thrown in for good measure here to either help give you the edge or possibly ruin the race of you're not careful. There are a good number of different ships available all with upgrade possibilities. After playing it for an entire day at work, this game is pretty fun and deserves more attention. Check out the Game Spotlight link above for more of a rundown and you can pick the game up on the play store from the link here.




Pocket Stables Hits Google Play For All Your Horse Raising Enjoyment

If you always wanted to raise your own horses, and then race them with little tiny men riding on their backs but just never had the means, now's your chance at the dream of a lifetime. Kind of. At least digitally. Kairosoft has just released Pocket Stables onto the Play Store this week for all those who love horses and want to raise their own. This is a SIM game so you will be managing a Horse stable with prize horses and an accompanying race track, as well as the surrounding buildings to train your horses and attract more customers to the track. (this game not recommended for gamblers. STAY AWAY!) Pocket stables has plenty to offer those who love the SIM types, including the ability to breed your own horses after a horse has reached their racing life time. This certainly is an interesting game to say the least, and if your intrigued and enchanted by the idea, run to the play store link and pick it up for $4.99.



Zombies And Trains Smashes Onto Google Play

We as gamers just can't get enough of the undead. There's just something magical and fun about blasting, shooting, blowing up, burning alive (or rather un-alive?), smashing, and utterly obliterating a horde of zombies that want nothing more to do with you then to share a nice meal. At your expense of course. Seeing as how they're flesh eating, brain hungry mongrels.Zombies and Trains is here to fulfill yet another void in your zombie loving heart by letting you smash those undead to bits with trains. You get the gist. There are multiple game modes to choose from, and upgradable trains to do more damage. The zombies want their food. You must stop them, Conductor. If you want a new take on the zombie genre, throw down $.99 and enjoy



Gameloft Teases A TCG Based Off Their Order And Chaos Series

Gameloft is well known for their game spin offs. More so with Order and Chaos then probably anything else. Just at the end of last year they released their long awaited MOBA title Heroes of Order and Chaos, which allows you to battle it out PvP style just like League of Legends and DOTA 2. They've added a new hero by the way so if you play Heroes, go check out the new addition. Gamelofts newest venture seems to be a trading card game based off their popular series, called Order and Chaos Duels. Not much detail here but we do know that will be a trading card game and it is due for release in the spring time. There is also a video available to watch to give you whatever insight you might find on the new title. There will more than likely be a multiplayer, at the very least there should be if Gameloft wants to be competitive with other TCG games on the play store. We'll keep you posted as we find out more.

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