Droid Game Hub 02/16/2012: Stargate SG-1, Vector, Real Racing 3, Talisman Prologue, Alien Breed, and More



Stargate SG-1 To Receive An Episodic Adventure Game For Androidstargate-sg-1-unleased-android-game


If you're a Stargate SG-1 fan, and you've dreamt about playing a game based on your favorite sci-fi series TV show then look no further. A developer studio by the name of Arkalis has apparently struck deal with MGM studios (the shows franchise owners) to make a game based off the series. Stargate SG-1: Unleashed as it will be named is to be an episodic adventure game for android. Arkalis studios is made up of some of the industry veterans such as Gameloft and Digital Legends who have a strong passion for games, and their goal is to create games with a casual play style and high quality graphics. There's not a whole lot of information floating around out there about the game itself, but we do know that it is supposed to arrive in March of this year. That's anywhere from two weeks to a month and a half away. What say you gamers? Anyone looking forward to this one?

Say Goodbye To Corporate Mind Control In Vectorunnamed


Vector, a new game from Nekki has hit the Google play store this week. You guys remember Canabalt HD? Yeah, this game is a lot like that but on crack and with higher resolution graphics and well… parkour of course, cause… DUH why not!? Vector bears an uncanny resemblance to Canabalt HD, but certainly displays the free running with more flare. unnamed (1)The idea is that, you have no ideas. In vector, you are mind controlled by the corporate world along with everyone else. Except, you seem to have a mind of your own. You must escape. In vector you will run for your freedom. Lest the "MAN" catches you and sticks you with a tazer.unnamed (2) Game Over! You lose! Good day! Vector is based off the hit Facebook game, and challenges you to master multiple parkour style flips, vaults, climbs and jumps, while running to your freedom. There are 30+ levels to complete, with more on the way from the devs. Avoid control. Defy what you know. ESCAPE.unnamed (3)








Real Racing 3; What You Need To KnowReal-Racing-3

We've all be been sort of patiently waiting for EA's Real Racing 3 to hit Play Store shelves for quite some time. EA has teased us and gotten us excited with the Developer Diary vids they tossed out onto the web. Using terms like "coming to mobile", no one was really sure whether it was coming to Android or iOS first. Until now we just kind of figured it was coming soon. Finally though, EA and Firemonkeys have decided to let us in on a little secret. Real Racing 3 will be launching simultaneously across all platforms on February 28th. That's less than two weeks away. I can hardly wait.

 The game boasts realistic looking tracks and 45 different vehicles to hop behind the wheel of. A new mode called time shift multiplayer will also make a debut. The game also has other features (some of which may just piss off the entire gaming community) like wait times for repairs, tuning, vehicle purchases and such. I never expected to see features like this in a racing game. A world builder certainly, but come on. The gameplay footage below will briefly display this. Although make sure to also pay attention to the games awesome graphics and visuals. This alone could be enough to make up for some of the downfalls. One thing that is sure to piss off most of the players out there is the way EA has gone about the way you can pick up the few supercars they have added into the game. As some of you may know, the games purchases will be made through gold coins, which you acquire with in real life cash. Same old story.Real Racing 3 Android Agera R The three supercars are the Agera R, the Zonda R which is the rumored best car in the game and the Porsche 918 RSR concept. The Porsche is set at a staggering 150 gold coins, which translates to $19.99. Christ… I paid less than that for the entire game of FFIII. But don't have a heart attack just yet, The Zonda R is set at 400 gold coins or $69.99 and the Agrea R, which you can only afford if you're rich and bored, is set at 800 gold coins or $99.99.Real Racing 3 Android Zonda R All I can say is what the hell!???! Who wants to pay more for a set of three in game vehicles than they did for their entire Android device? This is truly bad form and more than trumps the bad omen left in the wake of their decision to make you wait hours on end during the car changes.


It was a nice breath of fresh air to see some in game film to see what the gameplay actually looks like after all the Dev Diary's they have been shoving down our throats. What do you guys think? Are there any Real Racing 2 players out there that have been waiting to play the next in the series?




Classic Tabletop Game "Talisman" Could Arrive This month For Tabletstalisman-prologue-android-game

Tabletop game players bewhere. Or rather, rejoice. Because Nomad games has been on a mobile reworking of the original tabletop game called Talisman by Gamesworkshop. Officially called Talisman Prologue, this new digital reimagining will be a full single player campaign that is created off the original. It will utilize the 4th edition rules from Gamesworkshop's version from back in the day.talisman-prologue-android-game-2 If you played the tabletop version you'll already be keen to these rules. Nomad was kind enough to mention that for anybody who values being able to play the game over and over without getting bored will appreciate the random enemy spawns each time you start the game and work your way to the middle of the game board. talisman-prologue-android-game-1As tabletop games go, there will be a board of spaces that will have commands for the player who lands on that space. There will be 10 characters and 50 quests in total at launch of Talisman Prolgue, and Nomad is planning on bringing a multiplayer mode to the game later on. There is no confirmed date for the launch for Android but it could hit the play store the same day as the iOS release which is February 28th.





Alien Breed Launches on Google Play Bringing With It Nostalgia And Top Down Madnessunnamed (4)

If you grew up during the coming of age of video games, you may have played the original Alien Breed that was launched on the Amiga. Alien Breed is a top down shooter that was previously set to PlayStation certified device availability, as of now it is available for all to enjoy. This classic top down shooter with retro graphics has gotten a modernized visual boost but has kept the same gameplay that we know and love. You will have the choice to stick with the old school looks, or jump head first into the modern reworking that has gotten the graphical face lift.unnamed (6) A wise choice to allow the hardcore gamers to experience the game as they once knew it and then play it all over again with a new look. Enhanced mode will not only come with new graphics but also include 4 new levels which Team 17 was keen to mention are within the Alien Breed story line. Good, cause we hate that branch off new story bullshit. If it isn't a sequel, there doesn't need to be a completely different new story.unnamed (5)

The game comes with two modes, Classic and Enhanced. Classic comes with the original controls and audio, enhanced will boast new controls and enhanced visuals and music. As stated above, there will be 4 entirely new levels that coincide with the original Alien Breed story, as well 6 original Alien Breed levels and 12 special edition Alien Breed levels. Online Leaderboards and awards through gree, and gametel support. unnamed (7)The game is available now on the Play Store and will set you back $4.99 for a piece of that nostalgic pie that you've been craving. Not smart enough to create a time machine? Can't find an amiga and an original copy of the game? No problem. Nomad's got you covered.





Gameloft Teams Up With Universal Pictured For A Dispicable Me Gamedespicable-me-android-game

We all know Gameloft loves to make games based off of movies. The latest venture is a pair up between Gameloft, Universal Pictures, and Illumination Entertainment to Create a Despicable Me game. The game will have a makeup of characters from the original movie cast as well as the upcoming movie Despicable Me 2. Which means it will most likely launch around the same time of the movie which is sometime this summer.

No real details about the game have surfaced, but all three companies involved in the games production have stated that it will come with highly addictive gameplay. Thanks for the inside tip guys! It's no surprise that the game will be free-to-play but I wouldn't mind it costing a couple bucks if it meant no ads and in game purchases. What about you guys? Although we don't know much about the game, here is a full press release about it.

Free-to-Play Game Coming to Smartphones & Tablets

Gameloft, a leading global publisher of digital and social games, and Universal Partnerships & Licensing (UP&L) are thrilled to announce a unique and collaborative partnership to exclusively develop and publish a high-quality Despicable Me game for iOS and Android.  Universal Pictures and Chris Meledandri's Illumination Entertainment are releasing the 3D-CG comedy adventure, Despicable Me 2, in theaters on July 3, 2013.

Gameloft's development studios are working in unprecedented collaboration with the entire creative team at Illumination Entertainment to capture the distinct humor and heart of the film brand within the game.  Players of all ages will be immersed in the world of Despicable Me and its cast of engaging characters through innovative and highly addictive gameplay.

"Despicable Me is one of the most adored film franchises in the world, and its upcoming sequel is one of the most highly-anticipated blockbusters for this summer," said Gonzague de Vallois, Gameloft's Senior Vice President of Publishing.  "This is a perfect partnership for us that will drive success for both parties by having the talent, dedication, and passion needed to make a high-quality game for multiple platforms, and a proven success rate in translating popular IP's into mobile games."

"Gameloft has a proven ability to bring characters to life through compelling mobile games," said Stephanie Sperber, President, UP&L. "Audiences love the characters in Despicable Me- and they are creating an engaging game for kids, teens and adults around the world to interact in an incredibly fun and exciting way."

The new Despicable Me game will launch this summer on iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.




Nvidia Showcases Dead On Arrival 2 On project Shielddead-on-arrival-2-android-project-shield

Android Thursdays has come and gone. And what do we have to show for it? Well, I'll tell you. Nvidia's new video that displays them playing a little bit of the upcoming Dead On Arrival 2. Dead On Arrival 2 is the follow up to the original top down zombie shooter. This was a truly a sweetheart treat to remember for you zombie aficionados. Last week Nvidia showed us Real Boxing which did look gorgeous, but I must say that Dead On Arrival 2 looks way more fun.

If you look forward to the Cyber Monday and  Android Thursday videos every week like I do I won't spoil anything for you. Watch the video below and enjoy. Cheers!


Fox Entertainment Releases Companion Die Hard Gameunnamed (8)

I enjoy a good Die Hard flick just as much as the next guy. What can I say, I like Bruce Willis and the movies are entertaining. Fox Entertainment apparently thinks they're so entertaining that they should make a game based off the movie. Simply called Die Hard, and based off the new film, It's a Good Day To Die Hard, this game is definitely a strange one. Don't get me wrong, the graphics seem great, but the gameplay although I haven't tried it yet just looks rather weird. In a clashing of free runner and Third person shooter, Die Hard will have you running through city streets and other familiar areas of the movie shooting anything that walks. The games movements are otherwise almost completely controlled for you, which could be extremely cumbersome and annoying to those fans of the shooter genre.unnamed (9)

The game reminds a little too much of that Total Recall game that was based off of the new movie. Same style free run and shoot em up action. Hopefully Fox Entertainment has done a better job on this game. If you like free runners and shooters, give this one a try and who knows it may be right up your alley.unnamed (10)

Die hard will boast eye catching 3D graphics and easy to use (so they say) swipe to move gestures and controls with a tap to shoot feature. Pulling a page from Max Payne, you can hit the "Adrenaline" button and slow time down a bit for more reaction time control. Plenty of missions should keep you busy and the High resolution screen support at 60 frames per second comes native and is nothing to be ashamed of. If you wish to try Die Hard out, or just have a painstakingly strong wish to be John Mclain, you can pick this game up in the Play Store for Free. The game does have in app purchases but should that really shock anyone by now, seeing as how it seem to be the preferred monetary model now a days?