Droid Game Hub 02/09/2013: Real Racing 3, Guns For Hire, Project Shield, Cypress Inheritance, Fast And Furious 6, And More


Were well into 2013 and exciting stuff for games just keeps rolling out. From new game consoles to the games we play on them it's a great start to a new year. Check out what we got for you this week.

Firemonkeys Releases New Dev Diary Video For Real Racing 3



Firemonkeys, the guys behind the recently released Need For Speed Most Wanted are the same guys throwing their efforts into the pot for the next big racing game from EA, Real Racing 3. As you may or may not have known they have been putting out a series of Dev diary videos to talk about the game and otherwise get people excited about it. The next Dev Diary video is out and this time they want to talk about multiplayer mode. The multiplayer mode is called Timeshift Multiplayer and the great feature about this is that it will allows racers to race anyone whenever they want. No matter what time it is or where they are, or even if they are offline, you guys can throw down on a race. How could I describe this in utterly ridiculous terms kids use these days? I know, does YOLO work? I've heard that thrown around the last 4 months and it seems popular. Hmm… nope, doesn't apply to the situation. Let's just say that it's really damn awesome the way they set multiplayer up.

Basically all single career events will have doubles of your friends racing against you that are fully controlled by the AI. Your Facebook account is used to make this happen, which means you can actually race against your friends before they hop online and actually race against their vehicles. No more waiting because Johnny gets off of his pizza delivery job too late to have any fun. The Game is slated for release soon, later this month in fact. Sadly it goes to iOS first but Android will soon follow and we can all enjoy it.


Guns For Hire Turns Into A Mercenary, Can You Handle It?



The world is in chaos and arms runners and illegal weapons dealers are threatening everything people love in this world. There's only one group of people that can handle taking down these scumbags. The Expendables were busy so we have you and your rough and tough band of mercenaries. You're all the world's got. Guns For Hire is a new free-to-play top down shooter that will have you commanding a mercenary group to take down wise cracking, artillery shooting, evil arms dealers that don't give a lick about your morals or what you stand for. They only care about money and death to you. Fortunately for them arms dealing takes care of both. It's your job to stop those mad men!

unnamed (4)

Guns for Hire is developed by Rebellion (appropriately named I think), and will have you commanding a tough squad of mercenaries to take down evil dictators and anyone else standing in your way of keeping the world safe. It's a top down shooter with lots of bullets, graphics, glory, and plenty of weaponry both at your disposal and being used on you. You will have use of things like anti-personnel mines to throw down and blow your enemies to bits. You can outfit your crew with the latest armor for their protection, and command them with one touch controls to place them tactically. Did I mention air strikes? Yea, you can make hell rain down on your foes. I might be sold.


unnamed (2)

It sounds like there's tons of stuff to keep you entertained while you kill some baddies. The game is free-to-play and supports in game purchases although I'm not sure how reliant the games story is on you making any of those purchases. You can pick it up from the play store now.







Borderlands 2 Will Be Playable Through Steam On Project Shield


We all love our games, some more than others. (Ahem.. don't judge me…) One of my favorites right now is Borderlands 2 which I have purchased through steam to play on my super badass laptop. Yep, nvidia graphics. Duh… If you've heard about Nvidias project Shield, than you probably already know that it will run Android Jelly Bean and will allow you to play all kinds of cool games from the play store. But wait, it will also let you play your steam games. Ok, maybe you already knew that too. Maybe you didn't. Either way, it's possible and Will from nvidia shows us just how good the game looks on the device in the new Cyber Monday video that they will be doing every week. Nvidia is all about the next generation in gaming. That's why they created project shield. That's why they are perfecting cloud based gaming. They want us to have our hands on our games where ever we are.


In the video from this week Will shows us how project shield logs into steam and allows him to connect up to play his Favorite game also, Borderlands 2. He notes that whatever you see happening on Project Shields display is what's happening on the PC rig it's hooked up to. Everything looks great, and I must say I can't wait to get my hands on a Project Shield device. Thank you Nvidia for finally making my dream come true. If you haven't already checked out, here's the cyber Monday video of the Borderlands 2 steam demo.

Cypress Inheritance Lands On Google Play In All Its Futuristic Glory

unnamed (5)

Action adventure games seem to making somewhat of a comeback these days, especially on Android. The newest addition to this genre is Cypress Inheritance, coming in hot with first person graphics that are not to be overlooked and a futuristic feel and flare that just might intrigue even the skeptics. You will play the game as Lorna, who is a relative of a crazy, brilliant, and rich man (think Howard Hughes) who has left you with vast sums of money, possessions and multiple mansions. Tough life.

unnamed (6)

What makes this game interesting is that to retrieve all the things that have been bequeathed to you, you must enter the mansions which are guarded by a now evolved AI named Vonya. Inside the mansion are seven priceless paintings that you must find, but to do so you will have to escape a number of traps and overcome many challenges placed in front of you by Vonya. Traps won't be the only thing standing in your way though. Vonya will deploy an army of Robotic knights that will stop at nothing to see you dead, all in the name of protecting the treasures inside the mansion.

unnamed (9)

The game is built using Unreal Engine 3 so you can expect some pretty decent eye candy here. It seems the developers went full swing and really want the players to become involved in the game and the storyline so they have gone all out to produce actress Saffron Burrows for the voice of Vonya, and musical score by Dani Donadi will help plunge you into the games world of mystery and adventure. It seems the game will have lots to offer those who enjoy games where they are recommended to deeply pay attention to the story.

unnamed (7)

The game is set to be part of a series so if it sounds intriguing the good news there could be follow up titles to look forward to. It is recommended that you play the game with Android 4.0 or above and have at least a gig of ram and dual-core chip to play it, although it is compatible with generations of Android 2.3 +. You can pick this up from Google Play for $2.99



Gameloft Teaming Up With Kabam For Fast And Furious 6 Game


Kabam, the developers behind titles like Arcane Empires and The Hobbit: Kingdoms of Middle Earth, is teaming up with Gameloft to put out a movie tie in game based off the new Fast and Furious movie. This is nothing new for Gameloft, they've done about a billion of these movie based games, and who could blame them? People love movies and people love games it would stand to reason that people would love the games about the movie. The CEO of Kabam Games had this to say about everything:

The Fast and the Furious series is one of the hottest movie and mobile-gaming franchises of all time. Kabam is pedal down, blending the art of game design and the science of free-to-play distribution to make this game a thrill for street racing fans around the world. I can't imagine a better partner to bring this game to market than Universal– Kabam Studios president Andrew Sheppard.

Kabam is no noob when it comes to games. They have plenty of titles out across multiple platforms but they usually fly in the style of RTS types. So this is a slightly new direction for them. It'll be interesting to see if they pull off a great game or if it'll be a bust. I have never been a fan of the movie based games put out by Gameloft myself, I enjoy their original titles. (I know, you're thinking.. "original?" I mean games that are non-movie based. ) Fast And Furious 6 is due to release on May 24th so we can expect to see the game slightly before or soon after.

The XBLA Title Space Ark Will Be Landing On Tegra 3 Devices Soon


I love me some Xbox Live Aracde games. That being said, a new game from the XBLA line up will be heading to devices that run a tegra 3 chip called Space Ark. Tegra 3 means it will most likely be compatible with Tegra 4 chipsets as well seeing as those aren't  too far off. Space Ark is currently available through the Xbox marketplace under the XBLA games and on Steam for the PC gamers out there. And now we can join them.


Space Ark looks a lot like a retro SNES game from the old days, at least in style anyway. Basically the game will have you rebuilding planets that have been demolished by a black hole. You will be able to choose from one of 24 different playable characters known as "Arkonauts" that have had their planet destroyed and are now traveling the universe, rebuilding all the planets in the wake of the black hole and repopulating the inhabitants.


There will be 30 missions across 5 fantastic worlds that challenge you. Along the way you will have to collect precious crystals that you can use to bring the broken worlds back to life. Space Ark will have plenty of weapons, crystal upgrades, and planet shields for you to unlock and there will be a huge library of arkonauts for you to unlock as well. Can you unlock all of them?


Space Ark will have expanding content so we can expect new worlds and arkonauts to be developed as time goes on, giving us new things to discover in the game and keeping it fun. So far no release date has been set yet but hopefully we will see this show up in tegrazone and google play soon. Seems like a pretty fun game. Has anybody played this XBL or Steam yet?

Gameloft Drops A Multiplayer Bomb With The Next Blitz Brigade Video


I talked about Blitz Brigade in last week's Droid Game Hub. It's Gameloft's Version of the popular Valve FPS title that has been stealing gamers attention on Steam called Team fortress 2. In similar fashion, Blitz Brigade will have a cartoon like feel while allowing players to engage in some high tension multiplayer action of trying to blow each other to bits. Previously all they had released was a teaser trailer that showed only cut scene like footage of the game, and no actual gameplay. Well on Thursday they released a video that shows off the multiplayer action in all its glory.

There is 5 characters to choose from in all and you can expect tons of weapons, artillery, and tools to use to advantage in conquering the enemy team. There will be multiple maps to play on, vehicles to commandeer and run down foes, and even a single player campaign mode for those who don't want to hop online and get their feet wet. We'll update you guys more as information is released but for now enjoy the multiplayer footage.

Nvidia Demos Real Boxing On Project Shield


So we already know about Nvidia's Cyber Monday video diary that they will be doing every week. A new weekly video series that they will be doing is called Android Thursdays and this week they decided to do a little demo of an upcoming game available for Project Shield called Real Boxing.

The will apparently have an in depth career mode that will immerse gamers into the boxers career from training to winning title belts. Real Boxing will feature 20 different characters all with their own unique skills and attributes and outfits. Thus far I don't think I've seen anything like it on Android. I haven't played a boxing game since Punch Out was re-released for the Nintendo Wii, but this is something I could definitely get on board with.

Project Shield is certainly taking Android gaming to the next level with the tegra 4 chip that is powering its core and Real Boxing was a great way to display the level of intensity we can start to expect from upcoming games on the Android platform. I was more impressed with the capability to play Borderlands 2 on it but I am enjoying seeing some new stuff come to the table with the graphics quality of what we see in consoles today. The video looks good and the game seems to play well. What would really be intense is if they showcased some sort of FPS or RPG similar to Skyrim. Something that is extremely demanding to show off how powerful the device will be. What do you guys think?