Droid Daily 2/15/13: Google Maps, Xolo, EVO 4G, and More


Google Maps Shows the inside of the Colts Stadium


Google maps can now show what the inside of the Indianapolis Colts Stadium looks like, could this be coming to all stadiums soon?


 Xolo Announces new Jelly bean phone


Today, Xolo introduced the A1000 Jelly Bean Android phone, and it'll cost you just $275 for a 5-inch display. Not bad, right?

HTC EVO 4G Getting an Update



Yes that is the original EVO 4G that's getting an OTA. It'll be the first one in nearly a year, and only features security fixes.

Xperia Z Can be used as underwater camera

We already knew the Xperia Z was water resistant, but now you can watch the Xperia Z film from inside a swimming pool. Pretty awesome right?

OfficeSuite Pro 7 Now on the Play Store



OfficeSuite pro 7 is now available through the Play Store and costs about $15. It's brings a ton of new changes along with a semi-HOLO UI. Download it on the Play Store now.

Bump Now Transfer any Files between phones and computers


The popular app, Bump, has been updated and now you can easily transfer any file from your phone to your computer or vice versa. It's a pretty good app, check it out on the Play Store.