Droid Daily 2/11/13: Nike FuelBand, HTC Droid DNA, Google Now, and More


HTC Droid DNA Getting an Update


Today, documents popped up on Verizon's support site for a new OTA for the Droid DNA. It looks like it'll be version 2.04.605.2 710RD. It's also not much more than a maintenance or security update.


HTC Droid DNA On Sale

Source: Techcrunch

The HTC Droid DNA is now on sale for $50 at Amazon Wireless and Wirefly. So if you're looking for a great device on Verizon and a 2-year contract, this is a great one to pick up.

NBA's All-Star 2013 App is Now Available



It's almost that time. Almost time for the All-Star weekend in the NBA. Today, the NBA released their official All-Star 2013 app onto Google Play, so you can go ahead and grab it and never miss any of the fun.

Google Now Gets Updated


In this new update for Google Now, you can now add NCAA Basketball teams to your cards manually. Before you could only do it the old fashioned way, you know by searching for their scores?


Lava Launches Jelly Bean tablet


Today, Lava launched their first Jelly Bean tablet, the ETab Xtron, which is selling for around $125. It's actually a nice looking tablet for the price.

Nike's not making an Android Fuelband app



Anyone own the Nike Fuelband? Well you won't be getting an Android app for it. Nike finally came out today and said they are not planning an Android app for the Fuelband.

 LG Canada offering free Music for a Year

Optimus G_1_575px

If you purchase an Optimus G in Canada, you're going to be getting a free year of music thanks to the folks at LG Canada. Pretty sweet deal right? The device is not bad either.