Canalys Says Android at Top of Global Smartphone Market With 69%, iOS With 22%


It's inevitable for us Android fans to be happy when we hear news of Android reaching further than ever before. This isn't to say we want to see iOS fail but, competition is good but, I think we'd all agree when we say that the more Android phones are out there, the better the future of the platform looks. Canalys have been watching the market for a long while now and they've got some good news for Android, as even in the face of the iPhone 5, Android still retains the lion's share of the smartphone market.

Canalys have issued their results for the year of 2012 and they can reveal that Android is at 69% of the market, and iOS and 22%. It's not particularly all good news, as Android's share of the market did indeed fall from 75%, down to 69%. With iOS rising from 15% to 22%, reason being the iPhone 5, their latest flagship device hit the market in October of last year and gave the iOS market a little surge. That's impressive but, I doubt it was the boost that Apple were hoping for when it comes to the iPhone 5 and overall growth. Meanwhile, by October of last year, the Galaxy S IIIs and One Xs of the Android world were definitely beginning to show their age – if only a little bit – which would account for the dip in Android's share of the market.



However, what is encouraging is that Android has continued to grow in the market, year-over-year, with an 18% rise from 51% in Q4 of 2011. There's no prizes for guessing just who's leading the pack when it comes to the vendor's leaderboard: Samsung and Apple. Samsung sold 62.9 million smartphones in Q4 of 2012, that's a 78% increase. That's one hell of a growth spurt from Samsung right there. Apple, meanwhile took second place – as usual – and interestingly enough, Huawei came in at third.

Nobody is going to be surprised with Samsung leading the pack when it comes to overall smartphones sold, after all, they're a manufacturing machine as much as anything else but, it's good to see Huawei in the mix as well. The Chinese company has been on the up-and-up and competition is a good thing in a sector like this, that's undergoing rapid innovation and growth.

2013 is going to be an interesting year for Android, do Google and its partners have what it takes to become the outright best? What do you think, let us know in the comments!

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