Beautiful Widgets Gets Updated to v5.1; Includes New Beta Channel, New Tablet Widgets and More


Today, Beautiful Widgets has been updated again. Beautiful Widgets is one of those widget apps that's been around forever and will probably continue to being around and being popular for a long time. Not to long ago it hit version 5, and brought a ton of new stuff. Today, it makes it to v5.1.  So here's what's new in Beautiful Widgets 5.1:

– New weather provider WeatherUnderground
– New Forecast Fragment Lifestyles
– New widgets for tablets
– New beta channel
– New layouts for WeatherWidgets 4—1
Improve :
– The geolocation can be removed
– Add a setting to disable the weather animations
– Hide Home Fragment, and put Tutorial when there is no widgets
– New translations
– Physical menu button opens the Sliding menu in the Forecast Screen
Fix a lot of bugs


Of course, there's a large list of bug fixes, which developers almost never tell you exactly which bugs were fixed in the change log. Although I really wish they would. But LevelUp Studios has actually put out a full list of the bug fixes they've made in Beautiful Widgets 5.1 on their blog. And the bug fix list is quite long, so if you were experiencing any bugs, chances are they are fixed in this version.

There are a few new widgets and some new tablet widgets which look really nice. Now what's the most interesting part about this update, is there is now a beta channel. Now I'm not a user of Beautiful widgets, but this does peek my interest. I love beta testing new apps and games. In fact I was on the Swiftkey Flow beta all the way up until this morning when it was released in the Play Store. So it'll be interesting to see how the beta channel works, I'm expecting it to be like the Chrome/Chrome OS beta channels.

So if you're a user of Beautiful Widgets, I'm pretty sure you're going to love this update. As always you can grab it by clicking on the Play Store image below. It'll take you straight to the Play Store. Let us know in the comments below what you think about Beautiful Widgets 5.1



Source: Android Spin