ASUS Padfone Infinity and Fonepad Leak Out at MWC Before Today's Event


ASUS has been teasing us for quite a while now, and if we're honest it's getting a little grandiose. If they have this much to tease about then, they must have something decent to bring us, right? So far we've had a slew of affordable phone and tablet news with nothing too spectacular, hopefully ASUS will be the one to break that trend. The company is holding their press event later on this afternoon but it looks like their booth has been set up for a few days now and The Verge managed to get a sneaky peak as to what's going on inside.

There are a couple of snaps of the booth, that seem to reveal at least two devices that ASUS will be unveiling later on today. One of them is something we knew a little bit about, the Fonepad which is listed as having "3G call functions", not unlike the Galaxy Note 8.0 from Samsung. The Fonepad is also proclaimed to feature an "HD display" and a "metallic finish" which were things we all knew. There's no word on what processor is inside of the Fonepad but, last we heard it was going to be an Intel Atom CPU.



Something that we didn't necessarily see coming is yet another Padfone from the company. The Verge has spied the Padfone Infinity inside the halls of the Fira Gran Via that looks like it's going to be a 5-inch 1080p smartphone that docks into a tablet to become a Full HD 10.1-inch tablet. The dressing of the booth lists the Padfone Infinity as having a "sleek aluminum alloy" body that comes "with brushed metal finish". The CPU for the new Padfone is listed as a 1.7 Ghz Snapdragon S4 Pro which is a shame as we'd have liked to see the Snapdragon 600 here but, ASUS have probably been working on this for a lot longer than we think.


There's not an awful lot we can tell from a leak like this, really. Other than the fact that ASUS look set to make some heavy use of premium materials, which should make for some nice products, indeed as a lot of us have been calling for better-built gadgetry.


Image Source: The Verge

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