Android How To: Set Up Lock Screen Widgets on Android 4.2 and Above


In Android 4.2, which was announced in October 2012, and launched in November 2012, we now have lock screen widgets. At the time of writing this, there aren't to many widgets that work as lock screen widgets, but that should change soon. So today, we are going to show you how to add widgets to your lock screen. It's a bit different then adding them to your home screens.



1. From the lock screen, swipe from the left edge to the right


2. Tap the + icon

2013-02-07 12.24.50

3. Tap on the widget you want to add to the lock screen


2013-02-07 12.24.55

4. Configure the settings if needed

5. To add another widget on another screen, repeat steps 1 thru 4.


Important Notes regarding Lock Screen widgets

  • Only a few apps support lock screen widgets
  • Lock screen widgets are not that secure, since they don't require a password/pin to view, even if your device does require it to be unlocked.
  • Currently, Android only supports one widget per page on the lock screen.

This only works in Android 4.2, as this is a new feature in that version of Android. We do know that a very few third-party apps work with lock screen widgets. So you're pretty limited on what can be put on your lock screen for now.