Android How To: Install A Third-Party Launcher

February 9, 2013 - Written By Alexander Maxham

So you’ve got your Android phone or tablet. Now you want to customize it a bit. Well most stock launchers don’t allow you to do to much customization. But thanks to the open-ness of Android, there are launchers in the Play Store that you can download. There are some good ones like Nova, Apex, Go Launcher and Action Launcher. Today’s guide will walk you through installing Nova Launcher, but it will work for any other launcher.



1. Turn on and unlock your device if needed

2. Go into the Google Play Store

3. Search for the launcher you want to install (i.e. Nova Launcher)

2013-02-09 12.20.14

4. Tap Install

5. Next tap Accept & Download

6. Wait for the launcher to download

7. Once it’s downloaded hit the home button

8. Now you’ll be asked which launcher to use, as shown below.

2013-02-09 12.20.48

9. From there set up your launcher the way you want.

2013-02-09 12.20.58

Like I said, this will work for just about any launcher you want to install. That includes Apex, Action Launcher, Go Launcher and many more that are available on the Play Store. If we’ve forgotten anything in this guide, please be sure to leave a comment below.