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So you want to change your display brightness, or your wallpaper, or even your notifications ringtone? Well where do you do that at? All inside the Settings app on your Android device. But where is the Settings on your Android phone? That's what we are going over today, along with breaking down each section of the Settings app. So let's get this started.

How to Access your Settings

*There are a few ways to accomplish this.


1. Turn on and unlock your device if needed

2. Pull down your notifications

3-1. Tap the Settings icon in the right corner


Or if you're on Android 4.2 or higher

3-2. Tap on the Quick Settings icon in the right corner and tap settings

Access from the App Drawer

1. Open your app Drawer


2. Swipe over to the settings app and tap on it.

Wireless & Network: This section gives you access to toggling on/off Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi. You can also view your data usage. Under the "More" setting you can toggle Airplane Mode, change your mobile networks, control your mobile Hotspot/tethering, VPN, and NFC.

Device: In this section you can change all the sounds on your device. Change the brightness, and wallpaper under display. Check your storage, battery usage and stats, and manage applications installed on your device.


Personal: Here you'll find your settings for GPS and Location data, your lock screen, security, Language & Input and options for backing up and resetting your device.

Accounts: Here is where you'll manage your accounts that you are logged into on your device. Including sync for Google, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and more. You can also add a new account here.

System: In this last section you'll find Data & Time options, accessibility, developer options (most times you won't need to worry about this) and everything about your phone.


General Tasks that can be done in Settings

Turn off keyboard vibration: Settings > Language & Input > Android Keyboard Settings >Vibrate on Kepress UNCHECK

Turn off your Mobile Data: Settings > Wireless & Networks, More > Mobile Networks > Mobile Data UNCHECK

Turn on Tethering or Mobile Hotspot: Settings > Wireless & Networks, More >Tethering and Mobile Hotspot ON


Turn off NFC: Settings > Wireless & Networks, More > NFC – OFF

Change ringtone: Settings > Sound > Device Ringtone

Change Notification rington: Settings > Sound > Default Notifications


Turn off Haptic feedback: Settings > Sound > Haptic Feedback UNCHECK

Change brightness: Settings > Display > Brightness

Change Screen timeout: Settings > Display > Screen Timeout

Format SD card: Settings > Storage > Format SD card

There are many other things that can be accomplished in the settings app. Some of which we've already done guides on how to do, and more will be coming very soon. Which we will update this post once we get those published.

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