Android How To: Access the Camera from the Lock Screen

2013 02 09 14.42.18

Cameras on Android phones and tablets have been getting increasingly better. In fact, the camera on the HTC Droid DNA can almost match the Galaxy Camera. So what about quickly getting to the camera, so you can take those shots? Well, luckily there is an easy way to get to the camera directly from the lock screen, bypassing your security codes. But you can’t view photos or anything else without unlocking the device, if you have a security PIN, pattern or password. Here’s how you do it.


How to access the Camera on Android 4.2

1. Turn on your device

2. Swipe the entire screen from right to left, as shown in the video above.

How to access the camera on HTC devices

1. Turn on your device

2. Drag the camera icon down into the circle

3. Your phone should now open up to the camera

How to access the Camera on Samsung devices

1. Turn on your device

2. Swipe up from the camera icon

3. Your phone should go straight into the camera

It’s pretty easy, and pretty fast. So you won’t miss that important picture or memory you want to take. The video above shows you how to do it on HTC Sense 4+ and on stock Android. Just in case the directions confused you.