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Who doesn't love a good racing game? They're a great fallback if you're bored and even some of the worst ones can still be pretty fun. Thanks to the team at jujube, we have Flashout 3D that hit the play store this week which might strike some as a familiar memory for those that have played games like Wipeout or Blur.

Flashout 3D is a super fast paced futuristic racer where you compete for dominance. Become the best by reaching first place. That's the goal right? So far the game seems pretty good. I had no immediate complaints. The controls were a bit tough at first but they just take some getting used to. Once you have a handle on the controls the game gets a little easier and becomes way more fun. Flashout 3D offers you three different modes of play. Career, single race and time attack. There is plenty to keep the dedicated player busy, with multiple ship unlocks, track unlocks, and money to earn from winning races. As you proceed through career you'll start to unlock the other ships, which you can buy once you've amassed enough money. You can gain money from either playing career or by playing the single race games. There are also some micro transactions that allow you to but cash straight from the Play Store as well. I have not played time attack yet but I would assume you could gain the money there also.

Just like other racing games in the genre, Flashout 3D throws weapons into the mix, (machine gun, and rocket launcher) as well as other power-up boosters to aid or destroy you while on the track like speed boosts. You can upgrade your ships to start a race with bigger machine gun clips or either weapon so you don't have to grab them during, which can also be purchased from money earned by winning.  The game could stand for a few more weapons and power-ups to improve the challenge a little when racing, and a multiplayer mode wouldn't hurt, but overall Flashout 3D is a solid game and its quite fun. One of the interesting features of the game is the unique interactive equalizer that Jujubee has placed in the game that analyzes in-game music and automatically determines in real time what the visuals look like. I thought this was pretty cool. The game even auto detects what graphics setting to start your device off with by doing an in game benchmark.

The game has six different control layouts so there seems to be one to fit every style. Tons of features here and it even supports TV out so you can plug your device into the big screen and race away. This might be more fun if you have Flashout 3D's $2.99 zeemote compatible option. Otherwise the game will set you back a mere $1.99 for the standard version.

The overall consensus of the game, it's awesome. It has plenty to offer anyone looking for a racing game with quality graphics and easy play style. If you want to give this guy a shot, make sure to clear  up about 400mb of space and set aside a couple bucks.

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