Android 4.2.1 Leaks for the Samsung Galaxy S3 – I9300


How many of you have asked where the Android 4.2 update is for the Galaxy S3? Well it looks like it's close to being done, well maybe. We now have a leak for the international Galaxy S3, the I9300. This is the first Android 4.2 leak we've seen for any device that wasn't a Nexus. This build was brought to us by XDA member Saturn. So make sure to head over to XDA and thank him for this leak.

So what's new in this Android 4.2.1 leak? Well we know what's new in Android 4.2, but what else will we be seeing?


– Android 4.2.1 – JOP40D
– Improved Ripple effect on Lockscreen
– New Android 4.2.1 Lockscreen with widgets
– Daydream (Settings>Display)
– New Additions in Notification Center
– Notifications are more actionable
– Voice Command (Let's you control various parts of the phone using voice commands)

This pre-released firmware has been fully tested and is now in an ODIN flashable package for those reading that want to take the plunge and flash it now. There are no new modem changes in this update, but that will probably change before it's officially pushed out via OTA. Before you decide to flash it, you'll want to be sure you know how to get back to the original software. So for those of you brave enough to flash this build, check out SamMobile for the flashing instructions and download file. Please make sure you read everything on that page before flashing. This is ONLY FOR THE INTERNATIONAL GALAXY S3, not the US variants. If you flash this on a US variant of the Galaxy S3, you will more than likely brick it.



It's interesting, looking at theses screenshots here, that Quick Settings is kinda like stock. Except there are a lot more settings and of course they are in Touchwiz's color scheme. But it's cool to see that Samsung didn't just axe that.

How many of you are going to go ahead and flash this? Let us know how it works out for you in the comments below.

Via: Android Spin