An Exciting Future of Chrome Browser Based Gaming uses your Phone as the Controller

Google has been moving forward recently with their push toward Chrome browser based gaming. The recent release of the Chrome OS based Chromebook Pixel shows just how serious they are about Chrome itself and how much they believe its future. Innovation in browser-based web technologies is an obvious move by Google to move this technology forward.

Today, I've tested out the latest browser-based game for the Chrome browser, "Super Sync Sports". While this game could not be much more simple in terms of the games actual concept, the web-based execution is definitely a move in the proper direction. "Super Sync Sports" uses your smartphone as a controller for controlling your character in the game. Synced over WiFi, it makes for an experience that is unprecedented in a browser-based atmosphere. This application takes many elements that alone are actually quite simple, but when merged together such as they are here, actually makes for a wonderfully different experience altogether.

The concept of the game is basic. You are either a track & field runner, a swimmer, or a cyclist and participate in races either against computer controlled opponents or against your friends in the same room. You control your characters by giving simple swipe commands on your touch-screened device. In the swimming game, the controls consist only of swiping in a butterfly swimming motion with two-fingers, in the running game you use your fingers to swipe in a running pattern on the screen, and in the cycling game you get around the track by tracing the circular motion of both tires.


The game is very cartoony, and the characters are cute renditions of different everyday items such as a vinyl record, fruits and deserts, and even a rock and anchor most of which look out of place swimming, running, and cycling. They also all have cute little names and descriptions to go along with their resective theme. The game though, is not the most important aspect here. The big picture is of a future of browser based gaming that consists of more than card, physics, or math based games.

These innovations could potentially change the way that we think of browser based gaming. Google will continue to move forward with the development of browser-based gaming solutions, but for now, "Super Sync Sports" is what we get to analyze as we picture in our minds the landscape of a browser-based gaming future. Are you excited about this future and the innovation happening before you? Go grab this browser-based game up from the Chrome Web-Store and let us know what you think about it and the future of browser/web-based gaming in the comments section.

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