AH Show Podcast #26 – HTC One Special!


Every now and then something hits the world of Android news that brings the staff of Android Headlines together for a good old chat. Well, it's less of a chat and more of an awesome, action-packed rundown of everything you should know about the HTC One. It's been a big day for HTC and we've had a lot of fun covering the news as soon as we get it. The Taiwanese company don't want another repeat of 2012, a year they did very poorly in the face of the Galaxy S III and had little to no marketing presence whatsoever. This time around, the group is assembled of myself, our editor-in-chief Chris Yackulic, Assosciate Editor Alexander Maxham, Doug Scudder and one of our newest members of the team, Brandon Wann joined us before technical difficulties ensued.

We had a lot to run down and we think we got all of the main features covered in the show. You can watch our opinions on HTC's latest and greatest but, take a look at the show notes below to see what articles we focused on. They're arranged in order to keep things neat and tidy:

That's a lot of stories for us to cover but, we feel like we did our best. This is the first of many big releases for 2013 and while I'm sure a lot of you are waiting for the Galaxy S IV, we've got MWC to come before then. We'll be covering that as well, so tune in for that! If you didn't get to catch us first time around then take a look at the video below and an audio stream will be up soon!



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