AH Show #27 – AH Show #27 – MWC Special Wrap Up Show – Everything and The Kitchen Sink!

February 27, 2013 - Written By Tom Dawson

It’s been an interesting week for Android news, Mobile World Congress got kicked off with a bang on Sunday and sort of fizzled out really quickly but there were, as there always is, a lot of announcements of new products. Even Hewlett-Packard had something to show off and announce! Yepp, that Hewlett-Packard. Samsung finally let the cat out of the bag concerning the Galaxy Note 8.0 and they’re were announcements from ZTE, Huawei, Alcatel and more.

This week the gang was made up of our editor-in-chief Chris Yackulic, myself, Brandon Wann and our Associate Editor Alexander Maxham. It seems that Google was having a few hiccups when we recorded this as I had some issues I don’t normally have and Doug Scudder was unable to join us at all.

The biggest announcements from the show were perhaps the Galaxy Note 8.0 and HP’s disappointing re-entrance into the mobile game with the Slate 7. The Chinese manufacturers were in full-force with Huawei announcing a new device, as did ZTE with the Grand Memo. There was also a newcomer in the form of Alcatel with some pretty decent devices coming from them as well. LG were a little bit strange and seemed to announce some things before MWC and some during MWC, nevertheless there’s been quite a lot of news from Samsung’s neighbor.

Take a look at the show notes below to see the topics and stories we covered, they’re ordered in the same order we discussed them in the post for your convenience:

If you didn’t catch us first time around, have no fear, you can take a look at the video below: