Who Wants an Android 4.0.3-Powered Wall Oven With a 7-inch Display?


So far, we've seen Android powering some unusual things, especially lately. We've seen Samsung create an Android-powered Camera, and it actually went up for sale. The Galaxy Camera. Samsung has also made an Android-powered refrigerator, which looked pretty cool. Now there's an Android-powered oven. Let's explain a little bit what this oven actually does.

This new smart oven from Dacor, is a 30-inch oven which is powered by a 7-inch device that they are calling the Discovery IQ controller, which has Android baked in, pun intended. So what else does it do? Well it does run the Play Store. Yes that means you can tweet from your oven. Okay that's not as cool as saying you can tweet from your couch.



So what other specs does this smart oven have? Let's take a look.

  • Android 4.0.3 – Ice Cream Sandwich
  • 7" 800×480 display
  • Samsung S5PV210 1GHz processor
  • 512MB of RAM
  • 16GB internal storage, expandable to 32GB
  • Wi-Fi Connectivity

So it's not as awesomely spec'd as the Nexus 7 or most other 7-inch tablets out there. But it can certainly get the job done. If you're a tech geek like most of us here, you're going to love this new smart oven from Dacor. It's expected to debut this summer and will run $4499 for a single wall oven, or $7499 for the full, double wall oven. You can get all the information from the source link below.


Who's interested in the smart oven? I know I'm definitely interested, it looks pretty cool. But is it really going to be practical in your house? Sure it would be cool to check your email, browse through Facebook, Twitter or Google+ while your cooking, but it'll also cost you. Let us know what you think of this smart oven in the comments below.

SourceDacorBusiness Wire