Want to Make Old Film Negatives? No Problem, Lomography and Your Smartphone Have It Covered

Image Source: Lomography

So you have those old pictures back in the 80's of younger years that you found digging through boxes in the attic? Did your excitement suddenly turn to sadness when you realized they were only the negatives?  Lomography has you covered and has designed a great new way to transform those negatives into actual photos!

Lomography gives you the "Lomography Film Scanner," which "let's you conveniently scan" those negatives you found straight to your smartphone. Once they reach your smartphone you can share the newfound photos with friends, family, and anyone else you wish to share it with. What a great invention! Talk about being your own little photo professional!

The scanner will scan a variety of 35mm films like:

  • Color Slides
  • Color Negatives
  • Black and White

What are the materials needed for the Lomography Scanner? It's really simple beside the scanner all you need is your smartphone, and the FREE app that is available in both iOS and Google Play Store.

Is scanning the only thing it can do? No, it can definitely do more like making a panorama by stitching your images together. It can also animate "analog movies" that were taken with "Lomography LomoKino" camera.

Now this is really the first time I've heard of 'film scanning,' so it's a new technology to me, but from what is said about it, this scanner makes this kind of task "easily accessible." Not to mention you need very little to get the job done. Grab the scanner, and make sure you got your smartphone, how easy is that?


The Lomography Scanner is fully workable with iPhones and "select Android" devices. In order to obtain this interesting piece of technology all you need to do is do a pledge of $60 on Kickstarter.

A pledge you say? Well that makes me a bit more skeptical of this "deal" so to say, so I went to the website myself to find out more about this "pledge." When you pull up the page you can clearly see how the device is in the market of being created and finalized, but yet they are looking for support of such a project by asking for "pledges," and its pledges of money need I remind you all.

You can simply pledge $1.00, or you can pledge anywhere from $10 to $5,000. With each increase of money, you acquire more benefits, and pledging $60 will get the whole Scanner plus a free keychain. However, it's stated that there are only 333 available and currently 116 (the number when I visited the site) were taken already.


What do the Android readers think? Would you get involved in such a pledge, or do you think anyone that would even pledge a $1.00 to back the Scanner project is crazy? We'd love to hear what you have to say in the comments below.

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