Vector Unit Showcases Riptide GP 2 At CES 2013; Confirms Summer Release

CES always has lots to offer. As android fans, we always have something to look forward to at the big electronics show. As gamers, we certainly get a few tasty bites. One of those rather lovely looking little treats happens to be coming to us from Vector Unit, the developer team behind the original Riptide GP, Shinerunner, and Beach Buggy Blitz. This year they have done it big and given the loyal fans of the famed and really quite beautiful game Riptide GP a sequel to pine over. I haven't seen anything from them in a while so this explains what they've been up to for months, slaving away at Riptide GP 2. Hard I might add. Not only that, but Vector Unit has confirmed it in time for a summer release. How's that for gaming news?

Now for somewhat sad news for some of the gamers out there. Riptide GP 2, at least for now, is going to be a game for Tegra 4 devices. (Quietly shed your tears but don't let anyone see you. Your secrets safe with me.) Now this certainly isn't the first news we've gotten on games that will be utilizing NVIDIAS new chip set. Madfingergames did a demo of their upcoming Tegra 4 exclusive title, the follow up sequel to 2012's Dead Trigger. This really shouldn't come as any surprise to anyone seeing as how it's the turn of the new year and Tegra 4 chip set based devices are going to start seeing the light of day here any time. The question some of you may be asking is, "Am I going to be able to play Riptide GP 2 on my Tegra 3 device. More than likely yes, cause we all know the Tegra 3 phones and tablets are more than well equipped to handle games of this caliber. In my opinion, it's more of just a matter of when, and not if. Keep in mind that is just my own personal speculation, but I am a hardcore gamer and I have purchased many Android games and played even more, and the exclusive ones almost always lose exclusivity at some point. So keep the hopes up.

Riptide GP 2, by all accounts, is shaping up to be a killer sounding game. It boasts many features core gamers can jump on board with, including multi-player, which is step up from the original. Alongside that, Vector Unit has greatly improved the character models and dynamic lighting from the first, and with the power and performance ability behind the Tegra 4 chip, players will notice the otherwise grand scale visuals like real time shadows and my personal favorite,(which you can see from the video below) the blur effect that happens when you hit your boost ability in game. Honestly after watching the demo I was amazed at how good it looks.

A new career mode also makes an appearance here which will include up to eight other racers. You will also have the ability to throw together some pretty sweet Jet Ski customization's as well. Awesome right?? Cause what would a racing game be without the ability to customize your ride? (And I'm being serious here, I love this feature.) Summer is a bit of a ways away, but it won't be too long before we have our hands on this octane fueled hit. Thanks Vector Unit for another great game to look forward to. Anyone out there excited for this? Who has played the first Riptide GP game and what did you think?

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