The HTC Mini...A Remote Control For Your Smartphone

We are currently in the middle of the "Phablet Era" where companies are making smartphones bigger and bigger and blurring the line between the phone and tablet. I'll go ahead and save you all another rant  but wherever you stand on the issue they're here and not going anywhere anytime soon.

Enter HTC with the "HTC Mini", a remote control for those of you who have a bigger phone but need a better way of controlling it other than your average sized hands. This NFC and Bluetooth capable clicker can be held up to your ear to actually make phone calls as it is connected to your US HTC Droid DNA or International HTC Butterfly smartphone. Pretty much giving you a "dumb" phone that works through your "smart" phone.

But it's not only phone calls that go through the HTC Mini. It also controls media playback. Coupled with HTC's media link adaptor the Butterfly / Droid DNA becomes an entertainment hub all without leaving it's charging station or HDMI connection. This allows the HTC Mini to both control the action on your television AND take calls at the same time.

By tapping the NFC enabled Mini a Bluetooth connection is made with your smartphone allowing it to make and receive phone calls as well as get notifications. The notifications are shown on a small colorless monochrome screen with no backlight. Because that's why we pay the big bucks for a great see things on a smaller hard to read screen. (Sorry needed to be said.) Even more of a head scratcher is you can use the Mini to access the camera app on your phone in order to take pictures.

For those of you that are prone to losing small things fear not because the HTC Mini has somewhat of an alarm system. If you're within Bluetooth range you can use the phone to set off a beep to locate it and vice versa if you misplace your phone.

As of right now HTC has plans to initially release the Mini in China and there are no pricing details yet. Be sure check out the promo video below.



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